Abathur is one of the few League members who voted to induct Hanzo and Sy into the League.  Abathur looks kindly upon the two brothers, out of love for their father. Abathur visited and helped the brothers on several occasions. He saved Sy from a fate of being forever petrified in stone. Although he wishes only to be helpful, sometimes unintended consequences have occurred when Abathur has tried to help. One of these times Abathur attempted to show his abilities by withering and growing one of the Hattori's house plants. Unfortunately the plant never ceased growing at an alarming rate after Abathur had left.

Service to the White Witch

After the Witch had tracked down several of the members of The League, and killed them all with ease, Abathur came up with a plan. He would go to her, and offer his services. She must of been in a good mood as when he arrived and made his offer she laughed at the boldness of this Merfolk. She made him an offer: she would spare his life and the life of his people if he would help her using his abilities to manipulate biology with a special task. He accepted.

See Samir Duran for more information.


After Abathur completed his task, he delivered Duran to the Dwarven Trade Guilds and then traveled to Atlantis to protect them from the doppelgangers. Unfortunately the Witch did not intend to keep her promise and had cursed Abathur with an aging spell. This was a slap in the face to Abathur as a man of his control over biology, was being killed by and couldn't stop a spell that had the same focus. He died within a month after arriving in Atlantis, leaving it no defense against the inevitable onslaught of the doppelgangers.

The World War

Abathur wanted The League to get involved in the World War however was outvoted by the other members of the League. This didn't prevent him from helping however, and he would often aid Hanzo especially, and his own nation of Atlantis. He was going to help Hanzo get into Empire territory so that he could get to Valerian by using the ocean to circumvent parts of occupied territory. However The Empire's clockwork Leviathans were deployed and the oceans were no longer safer than the land. Abathur related to Hanzo that this was irrelevant however as Valerian was going to be present in the Battle of the Seven-Nation Army. Abathur revealed that The League was going to be present at this battle as well. He teleported Hanzo and company to Tanlu and they all participated in the battle. During the battle Abathur empowered many of the soldiers with his biologically based magic. When Hanzo and Hope attempted to kill Valerian and were loosing, he sacrificed himself and teleported them to safety.