Appearing to be a human male, Acacius has an unusual knowledge of the Items and their abilities. How he got this knowledge is unknown to the party, but he even knew how The Lost Room and the items were created. It was only after learning this that they had some idea of whom he might be.

But one thing everyone notices about him immediately after meeting him, is his rotten teeth. They look so bad they look as if they should of fallen out long ago. The last time the party met with him he clued them into why his teeth were they way they were saying, "Oh by the way, stay away from the copper coin. Does nasty things to tooth enamel," flashed a big grin, and walked away.

He was last seen leaving The Green Chamber with promise to leave Korhal, the night before the party raided The Vault.

Interaction with the Party

The party never told him when they'd arrive, but Acacius always seemed to find them when they came to the Green Chamber. He, for the mere price of 200 gold, would tell the party all about any item they asked or brought to him. No matter the Item Acacius seemed to have all the answers. He would tell them of it's abilities, who owned the item previously, and the possible downsides to it. He would even throw in an interesting tidbit about random Items, or about the Items in general after each purchase.