Alan worked for The Empire for many years as a driver. He drove all of the most decorated officers in The Empire's military. One day Tychus Findlay conscripted him into his department and assigned him to be the driver for his Task Force.

The Burned Man

After the party had done something that was other than what was assigned to them, Tychus sought to teach them a lesson. Seeing they had grown close to Alan, he demanded they kill the Catfolk they saved, or he would burn him alive. They refused in silence and Tychus made good on his promise. Mana saved his life by dousing him with water via her magical abilities. The party nursed him back to health but the scars served as a reminder of what happens to those that would disobey Findlay's orders.


Alan Shezar 2
After the party had decided to betray The Empire, Alan chose to help them for obvious reasons. He removed Nero's Prisoner's Ring, and helped them escape to Korhal.

Having gotten separated, eventually he learned of the party's death from it's soul survivor, Alan chose to spend the last moments of his life with his family. He knew that as soon as Tychus arrived in Korhal and updated his superiors, The Empire would go after his family to get to him. He was correct, and when the police showed up to his door, he surrendered himself. He was hung by the neck until dead at the public gallows a few days later.

In return for his service to them, Valerian and Mana had him play at their wedding.