Aldaris is arguably the most powerful member of The League, and it's founder. Aldaris is also it's leader, but this position has few differences from the average member's position.  All decisions are made by vote and Aldaris serves more as a keeper of order during meetings than anything else.

He resides in Winterhaven, in his tower known to the people as Terror Tower. It's so called because anyone approaching it is immediately filed with a feeling of dread.

Interaction with the Party

Grave Robbery

For reasons known only to him, Aldaris hired the party to enter a graveyard and rob a burial vault for a sword. He rewarded them with a chest full of gold and jewels.

Box of Dimensions

See Box of Dimensions for more information.

Hattori's Candidacy

After the death of their father, the Hattori brothers inherited a horse that was conscripted by The League. They sent Abathur out to collect the horse from the Hattori brothers and invited them to come to a meeting with The League. It was during this meeting that the Hattori brothers first met Aldaris. A vote was taken to induct the brothers into The League out of respect for their father, but the vote was 2-6 against.

Hanzo's Favor

Having lost The Key to Allistair, the party employed the help of Aldaris. Aldaris offered them a direct teleportation to Allistair, for the price of Kaami's undying servitude to Aldaris. Kaami agreed, and the party went on to re-obtain The Key.


After the fall of Korhal, Aldaris addressed the town of Winterhaven, where he resides. He told them that he now was in charge of the town, and the old government of the town is disbanded. All taxes were to be paid to him now, as a sort of tribute, and the town would be under his protection from now on. Any who did not like this new order could take their chances with the Orcs. No one argued with him, and all paid him tribute.

When the Witch arrived to Winterhaven with a portion of the armies of the Horde, she had the army take up position outside of the town, and she entered alone. She walked through the town gates, and as the local militia fired their arrows at her they passed through her harmlessly. She turned a few people to stone and that did it's job of scaring the people into stopping any further attacks. She walked directly to Aldaris' tower, where Aldaris was waiting. Aldaris knew his best chance of besting her was in his own tower where he had the advantage. She crumbled his tower around him and he teleported out before the tower fell on his head. The Witch made a show speaking loudly and demeaningly to him so that all could hear her. She antagonized and belittled him and easily dodged, parried, and countered his spells, making him look like a child. When she felt she had made her point and embarrassed him thoroughly she stripped him of his magic making him no better than an ordinary man. She then hung him from his own tower and announced that if anyone even touched his corpse they would be put to death, and had a sign put at the edge of the ruins of his tower that said, "Such shall happen to all who challenge the White Witch."

After seeing this the town surrendered. The Witch had the Orcs pillage the town anyway.

Horadric Cube

Valerian employed Aldaris to use his massive power to create a device that would draw other-worldy beings to it when they manifest themselves in our world. The result was the Horadric Cube, a large cube that is kept in the SCP Foundation (see SCP Foundation for more information).

Ring of Wishes

See Valerian's Ring of Wishes for more information.

The World War

Aldaris fought in the Battle of the Seven-Nation Army and brought wondrous spells to bear, not least of which was an amazing lightning storm the likes of which the world had never seen.