Little is known to the overdwelers, as the Merfolk refer to those who live on land, about Atlantis more than the fact that it exists. Even so, if it were not for the existence of Merfolk and the stories they tell of it, none would know of it's existence.

Merfolk tell of it's wonder and beauty, and how it dwarfs any man-made city above ground. It seems to be a area of great pride to Merfolk as any encounter with a Merfolk is sure include a story of the great city.

At first there was confusion as to whether or not Atlantis was the name of a city or a nation. This confusion was generated because it is not one or the other, but both. The city is massive, several times the size of even the biggest city currently in existence; and is where the entire race of Merfolk live in uncountable numbers. Unlike overdwelers, Merfolk do not separate themselves and live in numerous villages and towns, but are social creatures and choose to live together, and get along well together.