Professor Augustus Frost, reflects his name in his life - from his ice-like demeanor, to the cold way he treats people, to the way he speaks in an icy methodical monotone. Frost often puts off many newcomers to the institute. Though those that take the time to learn from him will find him a good tutor. Knowledgeable in nearly all areas of History and Science, Frost has a lot of knowledge to impart, seemingly wise beyond his years. No one can remember a time when Frost wasn't with the institute, and put him among the eldest of it's faculty.

It is well known that, though not through official title, Frost runs much of the institute, having practical power and decision making second only to the D.D., though the two of them are rarely ever seen in the same room.

Two Sides of a Coin

Frost represents Coriakin's logic half, at the cost of his emotional one. He emotionlessly walks through life, making decisions seemingly without any feelings whatsoever. He does not 'feel', he does not 'care', he only 'does'. This style of decision making means Frost is faster to come to conclusions and to make decisions than his counterpart, and makes him come off as more intelligent than his counterpart.