The Ball of Yarn is purported to be one of the most powerful, yet unusable Items in existence due to the seemingly randomness of it's behavior. Unraveling of it's string will cause everyone within 23.4 feet of the ball to be transported through space and time. The Ball will create a loud sound that only people within the effective radius of the Ball can hear. At such time the people in it's effective radius are teleported into the future and to a seemingly random location. Raveling the ball seems to have no effect.

No correlation has been made as to the distance traveled, amount of time passed, and the amount of unraveling done. The Vanguard wished to experiment with the Ball to determine if a correlation existed, but didn't wish to risk loosing the Ball as it's nature makes it notoriously difficult to obtain.

The Ball of Yarn is one of the five Items locked away in The Vault by the Vanguard.


The sound the ball makes as it travels through time.

Current Whereabouts

Unknown. Last seen teleporting away from the Hanzo and Arisu in a forest near Korhal.