A seemingly insignificant box, hiding a dark power. Upon opening it, all who look into it are transported to a pocket dimension without knowing it. The box was originally magically locked and would take a powerful Wizard to break the lock, or someone who knew the trigger word, to open.


Obtained by the Task Force after clearing out a cave near the Grey Downs. The cave contained a group of Goblins and Goblin Dogs led by an Orc. The Orc had this box in his possession. After attempts to open the box proved unfruitful, the party brought the box to the wizard Aldaris and made a deal with him to open it. After unlocking it, he warned them to be careful with it.

Inside the Box

After getting it unlocked the party opened it and were immediately taken to another world that mirrored their own, but with exceptions. The moon was broken and fragmented, and seemingly insignificant details were altered. A male shop keeper was female, a Human innkeeper was now an Elf, and other changes of the like all hinting that they were no longer in the same world. The denizens of this world began to say the word 'break' at seemingly random times, and would even shout it in the middle of a conversation. The party eventually figured out the meaning of these messages and went to break the box. While doing so a citizen of that world tried to talk them out of it, but they continued and brake the box, freeing them from this pocket dimension. They came to their senses around the box back at the place they originally opened it. Aldaris was there and he shut the box and took the box as payment for saving their lives, claiming to have been the one who caused the people in the pocket dimension to say the word 'break'. The party let Aldaris keep the box.