A dead world, with a dying sun, Charn is filled with the worst thing a world can be filled with - silence. It's grand halls have no one to enjoy them, except the perfectly crafted statues adorning them. Instead of people, this world is populated with massive palaces, as far as the eye can see. Hallways so long one could see the sun set from one side, and it rise on the other. Instead of trees, this world has beautifully realistic carvings of trees. Instead of animals, one would find statues of birds that look like they should be mid-flight, lying sporadically on the ground, some in pieces, others in tact. When entering this world one thing is clear, it shouldn't have been entered.

The Unnamed God

Charn 2
Having arrived at the behest of Professor Screw Eye, to find the Scissors, the party began to explore the area in which they arrived. They discerned the place was a shrine of sorts to the gods. They found god, after god, after god, carved into statues in little rooms on either side of this grand hall. At the end of the hall was a podium with a tall woman-like statue appearing to be in mid-speech, and nearly two dozen chairs facing her, each with a statue sitting in it. Each statue was different, but each showed such fine detail, that only a master stone-carver could create such works of art.

A golden bell was near the podium, hanging over a well. It had a golden hammer next to it, and the bell bared an inscription. It read,

"Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,

Strike the bell and bide the danger,

Or wonder till it drives you mad,

What would have followed if you had."

Nero took the gamble, and rung the bell. It hummed for an unnaturally long time but nothing seemed to happen. The party then turned their attention to one of the alcoves that housed a statue to a god, that had been blocked off. They moved the rubble and entered into the dark room. Finding their prize, Hanzo grabbed the scissors only to get a glimpse of the statue in the room. It was his undoing.

The statue phased in and out of existence, and it's appearance one could almost discern, but when trying to describe one could never come up with words to describe it's details. But after Hanzo gazed at it he began to do things - terrible things. What ensued could only be described as maniacal chaos. The party began to try and kill themselves and each other, with no rhyme or reason. Not a word was spoken by those affected and they surely would of succeed in their forced goal if it were not for her...


A tall, pale, magnificent woman strode into view. She pulled the party out of the room, and spoke some words. Her words seem to have some power as the doorway to the room crumbled and blocked the statue from sight. The party regained their sanity and the woman spoke, "Don't you know not to enter the chamber to the Unnamed God?"

The woman revealed her name to be Jadis, and after some conversation Jadis shed some light on the fate of this dying world. She told them of a war she had with her sister, and how it was terrible and lasted for an ungodly amount of time. She told of her victory over her sister, and pointed to the statue at the podium. The party then noticed that one of the seats that had a statue in it it, was now empty. Jadis told of how this was her sister's sentencing, and she was giving her final words as she spoke something known as the deplorable word. Jadis described it as a word so terrible, so unspeakable, that the very uttering of it would end all life as we knew it. Jadis claimed that as her sister began to speak the word, Jadis quickly casted a spell on the bell that would wake her up in case anyone would ring it. She thanked Nero and asked to be taken off-world. The party obliged. From the moment she came onto the scene Jadis commanded attention and steered the events around her. The only time she displayed weakness was when she was in The Lost Room. In there she crumbled up on the floor like a piece of parchment crushed and thrown to the ground. When she exited the room into our world she regained her composure and stood as straight as an arrow. It was then that she showed her true colors.

It was not her sister that had lost the war, it was Jadis. The person being sentenced wasn't the person at the podium, but the people in the seats. And it was Jadis that uttered the deplorable word. She would rather every living thing in existence turn to stone, than be defeated. And now, she has a brand new world to conquer... and a young one at that. And she would soon learn - this world still had dragons.