Known across the world, the Colosseum is an archaeological marvel. Home to celebrations, announcements, and all manner of shows, the events staged at the Colosseum were many and nearly all of them involved death and destruction. There were the well known gladiator fights and the feeding of The Empire's enemies to lions.

All sorts of animals were kept in cages below the Colosseum. Wild cats, buffaloes, bears and elephants would all be kept and then made to fight one another. In some parts of The Empire, certain animals died out because their type was in such demand by those who ran entertainment in The Empire itself. It is thought that on the day the Colosseum opened, over 5,000 animals were killed.

However, animals were the secondary part of the 'show'. Those who came to the Colosseum came to see people fight. Famous gladiators had a huge following but many gladiators were the The Empire's equivalent of 'canon fodder' - there to entertain and be killed. Many of these gladiators were slaves, criminals, or prisoners-of-war. The casualty rate per 'show' was massive - near enough 50% died each show. Those gladiators who had fought well but had not won their fight could be spared by the emperor if he was present at an event - a thumbs up meant life, and a thumbs down meant death. But for many a gladiator the only exit is death.

Shows are usually free to the public. Started by Arcturus, the emperor believed it was a good way to keep the people of The Empire happy and content with the way The Empire was being governed. He provided free bread and free entertainment - a combination he believed would keep happy the many unemployed people in Rome.

Notable Events

Celebration of the Empire's Anniversary

On several occasions the party has had opportunity to celebrate the Empire's anniversary, as well as other events in the great structure.

Valerian's First Address

See Valerian Mengsk (Guy Montag) for more info.

Revealing of Clockwork Army

See Edmund Duke for more info.


See Edmund Duke for more info.

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