Many observers will say that the Comb allows it's user to teleport, but this is only what the item appears to do to onlookers. In actuality the Comb stops time all around the user who runs it through her hair, for around 30 seconds as observed by the user. The Comb of Time-Stop is one of the Items that causes harm to it's user. After use the user will become ill. Side effects include vomiting, headaches, and stomach cramps. Each of these side effects can turn more violent and fatal as the comb is repeatedly used in quick succession.


After traveling to Kadesh, and making their way to Kyle Katan's tower, the party obtained the item off of his daughter, following his apparent death. The Item was given to the party by Kyle's men in exchange that they would spare his daughter and leave.

It is unknown how Kyle got the Comb of Time-Stop, or how he used it to come to power in this new world, but it is clear he had it before being marooned.

Use in The Vault

The Comb is used to get past a constantly disassembling and reassembling floor located in the patrolling room. The floor rotates between these two states so quickly, that only by using the comb can a normal person get beyond the floor. The Comb also finds use in the plant room, and navigating other parts of the patrolling room.