There are many gangs in Kadesh, but none are more insidious than Comet. Who are they? Maybe they're your next door neighbor, or your coworker. Comet is a group of people dedicated to unadulterated chaos. Filled with fanatics they will do any amount of harm to others and often themselves in the process. No target is too big or too small, and no one is safe.

Comet is encountered generally in two forms: Either in the uniforms of police officers, construction workers, and various other walks of life; or in bizarre costumes.


See Baphomet for more information.

The Prize

Much like a religion, members of Comet worship their god in various ways. They gather together to sing praises to their god and hear their leader remind them of their beliefs. They carry out tasks given to them by their leaders that often involve bloody chaos and suicidal deaths. They believe that through the spreading of Chaos they will earn their prize promised to them by Baphomet. The prize is to be transformed into the likeness of their god (minotaur) and join him in the great 'calamity in the sky' as they return to the homeworld. As evil as Comet is, they seem to be the only ones left in the city who haven't given up on the idea of returning to the homeworld.


Comet preys on the downtrodden of the city. Those who feel as if they do not belong, those who have been abandoned by their families, their city, and their friends. They find a family willing to accept them no matter who they are or the decisions they've made. Others they attract are merely searching for meaning in life. In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society. These people are given guns and a direction to point themselves. The depressed are given a chance to end their lives with meaning instead of needlessly. There are a multitude of reasons people join Comet, but there is something more nefarious at work for why they stay.

Those that decide to join Comet are indoctrinated by Baphomet's power and become fanatics. Many are dedicated enough that they would give their lives without this, but all do with it.

Comet is widespread only because it appeals to people of all walks of life. They do not infiltrate people into different organizations, the police for example. Instead people in those positions become members of Comet. It is in this way that Comet has people everywhere and can often utilize people in well-placed areas to accomplish their various desires.


Comet's leadership is a chain of ascension that ultimately links to Baphomet. Each member is shackled to his will and to the will of he who is in the link above. And yet, there is a new way to ascend. By blade and blood, any member of Comet can usurp the position of the one above this station. It is through this ritual, called Rak'Shir that Baphomet's ascendants are assured to be the most capable to carry out his will.

Rak'Shir is a ritual combat that involves two people and their chosen champions. The fighters may draw power from their champions during the battle but the champions may not interfere with the fight itself.

This chain of ascension is the hierarchy at which information travels through. Missions are given by people in the chain and disseminated to those below.

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