A fusing of blood, bone, and metal, the dark trooper is a result of a full-blooded elf integrated with a massive amount of cybernetics to become a cold-blooded killing machine. It is the culmination of Project Dark.



Dark Troopers' are born as full-blooded elves from specially designed birthing pods where women carry them in their wombs before their extracted. Only the first generation of these women were taken from the existing population, the first generation of babies were women genetically designed to be baby producers. These women have non-essential body parts removed and live their entire lives in these tubes birthing children at a rapid rate. These children are extracted then incubated growing to full adult size within days instead of years.

Phase 1

Dark Trooper (Phase 1)

These elves are completely integrated with cybernetics to become melee soldiers. These troopers move swiftly and have their nervous system augmented with technology based off of the Temporal Accelerator. This combined with other cybernetics allows the trooper to move lighting fast, and analyze the battlefield and make decisions even faster. The neurological deterioration that results with the constant use of the accelerator is far less than with the prototype, though it's side effect of a shortened lifespan remains. This is the main reason the troopers are made from full-blooded elves since they have such long life spans.

They are equipped with a viroblade in their right arm that super heats and can cut through most materials. The blade can be launched as a range weapon, with backup blades in it's arm replacing the fired blade. They also have a specially designed buckler on their left arm which can be used to deflect certain energy-based attacks back at their attackers. They also have a reserve of nano-machines that are used to repair the trooper in the battlefield.

Phase 2

Dark Trooper (Phase 2)

A second version of the Dark Trooper is a ranged and more mobile counterpart. It does not have legs, but instead has jetpacks. It's armor is based off of the Powered Armor's design and is extremely resilient. Instead of nano-machines to repair it, these troopers focus on preventing damage with a powerful force field.

It trades it's viroblade in exchange for a specially designed Assault Cannon. This weapon fires balls of plasma-like antimatter as its primary mode of fire, and fires rockets in secondary mode. This weapon will not function in anyone's hands but the Dark Trooper's. In addition it has two facial whisker-like tentacles that lash out with surprising force, and are capable of extending.