"Won't you shake a poor sinner's hand?" - Dr. Ulrezaj

Those who visit his store call him the voodoo man, others who've had to witness his powers call him the shadowman, while those who wish to insult him call him a witchdoctor. Whatever one chooses to call him, Dr. Ulrezaj is most certainly one of the darker members of The League.


Unlike other members of The League, Ulrezaj doesn't know a lot of magic, as it's classically understood. Beyond the basics, the only classical magic he knows involves being able to contact beings on 'the other side'. After a time, Ulrezaj managed to contact a group of powerful creatures of 'the other side' who promised him great power if only he would do a favor for them. Agreeing these creatures granted him the power to command and manipulate shadows. These shadows are actually creatures from 'the other side' who manifest themselves in shadows.

He also gained a companion of sorts. His personal shadow became sentient, essentially a copy of his mind that he had direct contact with. It can touch and interact with objects in the world by interacting with the shadows they cast, and is thusly a very useful companion indeed.

Business on The Other Side

Ulrezaj quickly began using his powers for his own ends. Eventually gaining the attention of The League, Ulrezaj was inducted by a near unanimous vote. Years went by and he forgot about the deal he made with the powerful creatures of 'the other side'.

Being a charlatan, over the years Ulrezaj took advantage of his new-found contact with this other world, and began a business there. While a Voodoo Emporium was sufficient in our world, this world called for something greater. Ulrezaj hosted tournaments calling out the denizens of that world to prove themselves. The response was greater than he had hoped, and a very profitable business arose for Ulrezaj. He quickly became well known among the denizens of 'the other side', and his wit and charm caused him to be somewhat of a curiosity to them, and had made a lot of money. But one day his masters came calling...

They called on him to pay his debt,
Dr. Ulrezaj 2
to get them a powerful artifact known as the Ball of Yarn. They gave him a time-table that didn't last very long. He quickly began his search and used every ability and resource at his disposal to find out where it was, and how to get it - but it was too late. The information was useless as the time it would take to plan and execute a raid on the place where it was held, would be too long. So Ulrezaj struck another deal. His masters desired souls for their own purposes, and for every soul provided to them by Ulrezaj, they would extend his deadline. Ulrezaj knew of a world that had souls upon souls to spare... ours. He began a circus called the Magical Mystery Tour, that he filled with fabulous and mysterious creatures from both worlds. At the end of the show he would trick those who didn't have anyone who'd miss them if they disappear, into being harvested. In this way Ulrezaj bought himself time to attempt to collect the Item and pay off his debt for his supernatural powers, and solidify his standing as one of the most powerful magic users in our world.

But even with this pressure, Ulrezaj's unending greed caused him to push his luck and go even further. Ulrezaj figured he could harvest enough souls to buy him enough time to not only collect this Item for his masters, but also make some money on the side. He began finding and inviting all the most powerful and resourceful creatures of our world, while word spread quickly through the other that he was going to host a gigantic tournament, the likes of which neither world had seen. The Tournament was a success, and would be an annual tradition, and Ulrezaj would remain the host, as long as he lived.

Interactions with the Party

Gender Confusion

Refer to Girdle of Opposite Gender for more information.

Hattori Brothers' Father

Being a part of The League, Ulrezaj had interactions with the Hattori Brothers' father. Ulrezaj had no strong feelings either way about the man, and as the objects they had him create rarely were for his use or apart of his plans, he generally disregarded the man. So when the time came to induct the Hattori Brothers into The League, he felt it preposterous that they should get in just because The League knew their father.

The Circus

Making the circuit of all the major cities, when the Magical Mystery Tour came to Korhal, the party attended. He talked to Mirai in person, having recognized her, he asked her not to go to the area where he knew the people's souls were being harvested, without saying as much.

The Key

Through unknown means, Ulrezaj determined the location of the Ball of Yarn, and the Items needed to traverse the vault. His first order of business was to get The Key. Having tracked down The Key, Ulrezaj was surprised to see it resided with the Hattori family. He was preparing to take it from them until a unexpected event occurred. It was stolen by Alistair. Preparing a spell to teleport to Alistair, he was planning to take it by force from this interloper. After a long casting time he arrived and was surprised to see the party there with Alistair running away. He quickly noticed that they had re-obtained The Key. It was no matter to him, he had planned on fighting them anyway. After an extended battle, the Hattori brothers, and Nero escaped with The Key, but Ulrezaj had a quarry, he had a dying Kaami and a surrounded Mirai.

Having to hatch a scheme quickly he decided to torture Kaami in an attempt to get Mirai to help him get the key. She refused and he continued to beat Kaami to death, or as near as he could make it. Aldaris had made a deal to receive Kaami's services after they returned from this area, and as such had a sacred bond protecting him from death. A stark surprise, Ulrezaj was taken aback as the protective spell triggered, but he quickly regained his composure.

Seeing that torturing her friend didn't do the trick he came up with a new plan. Contacting his friends on 'the other side' he obtained their help. They provided him with a special talisman that when planted inside someone will collect their essence, multiply, and seek out a new host to embed itself into. After an amount of time of collecting energy these objects/creatures can be called upon to exit their hosts. Then if imbued with negative energy, they will take the form of their hosts, with all their abilities. Ulrezaj forcefully planted the talisman into Mirai and removed her memory. He then took Kaami to Aldaris and delivered his servant unto him, leaving Mirai to be found by the party.

Professor Screw-Eye

His interaction with the party changed his mind on killing them and taking The Key off of them. Ulrezaj hatched a plan where instead of killing them, he would use them. Having to collect several other Items to get through The Vault, he disguised himself as a professor missing an eye calling himself Professor Screw-Eye. He then visited the Hattori Mansion and hired them to collect several Items. After they collected all the Items he told them about The Vault and led them to believe he wished only to have only one Item, and would let them to have the rest. In reality he planned to give his masters the one Item, and keep the rest for himself.

After successfully getting to the Safe Room, Ulrezaj revealed himself and called upon the talisman creatures, who had spread themselves to each member. He imbued them with the necessary negative energy and had them attack the party. After a hard-fought victory, Nero lay broken and bloody on the ground, next to a charred Rin, while Hanzo and Arisu turned their eyes to Ulrezaj. While his minions were defeated Ulrezaj himself was unharmed and had vast amounts of power left. But his arrogance cost him, for his time ran out. If he had not wasted so much time trying to make money with his Grand Tournament he would of had enough time to defeat the party. His masters came to have him pay his debt, and when he was found wanting his powers were striped from him and he was left with nearly nothing. Ulrezaj quickly attempted to get and use the Ball of Yarn. This resulted in the activation of the Ball of Yarn.

After several teleportations the ball took Arisu and Hanzo, leaving Ulrezaj in The Vault. Ulrezaj, stranded without his powers, wasted away and died among some of the most powerful objects known to man, with no way to get them.

He died alone and scared.

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