Located in the mountains to the South East of The Empire. The Dwarven Trade Guilds are composed mostly of Dwarves and Gnomes.


Many years ago, the Dwarves formed mines in the mountains to the South of where The Empire is now. Dwarves soon became synonymous with mineral dealers, and soon their mines became towns, and these towns became guilds. These guilds having rich and storied histories had no interest in giving up their autonomy, but saw the benefits of unifying. So they made alliances similar to city-states coming together, and called themselves the Dwarven Trade Guilds (D.T.G.).


The D.T.G. is managed by a council that has representatives from each of the guilds. Since each representative is only interested in laws that benefit it's own guild, decisions often take a long time to be made.

Interactions with The Empire

Arcturus knew that not only did he need the Dwarves' resources to forge weapons and armor, but also that Dwarves were the best at crafting these materials into said supplies. But Arcturus had little desire to be allies with the Dwarves, and wanted to assimilate them much as he did the Elves. Unfortunately for him, the Dwarves had no desire to assimilate, and their home inside the Mountains made any attempt of conquering through war impossible. Arcturus tried to make them allies, but the Dwarves' council notoriously never agreed. So instead, he managed to make several deals with them including non-aggression pacts, trade agreements, and open border policies, but had to make the deals far in their favor to get them to agree. Arcturus hates this form of alliance, since it very much favors the D.T.G. over The Empire. He was constantly looking for a way to secure another source of strategic resources. Many people who know Arcturus suspect that when he has vanquished the Orcish Horde, he will set his mind on how to absorb the Dwarves, if not annihilate them.