Friedrich Yahn (pictured at 25) is celebrated as one of the most intelligent men of his time.

The Watch somehow found it's way into Friedrich possession. While others simply would have used it, Friedrich saw the potential in it. Sure right now all it could do is keep time, but what other kinds of machines could he make with the same technology? How exactly is unknown, but Friedrich managed to reverse engineer it and thus became the first known tinker in history.

Opening a tinker's shop, Friedrich managed to make not only a fair bit of coin, but a decent reputation. He made enough money to open a shop in the heart of Korhal and did a lot of business out of there. His devices were expensive, and only the most influential people could afford his devices. One day, the single most influential individual entered his shop (See Project Rhythm for more info.).

He was responsible for the creation of Clockwork Knights, Servants, Goliaths, and the world's first factory.

Friedrich Yahn died at the age of 67 at the hand of Valerian Mengsk. He was chopped into pieces and piece by piece was delivered to Arcturus Mengsk over a period of several months, with the head arriving the day before the Battle of Thrones.