Ulrezaj, as is true to his personality, sold a Girdle of Opposite Gender disguised as a Belt of Giant's Strength to a traveling merchant, simply because it amused him to think of someone unexpectedly transforming. As it happened the purchaser of that Girdle was Mana. When this magical belt was put on, Mana was transformed into a person of the opposite gender. Mana's race, abilities, mind, and spirit remained unaffected, only Mana's sex changed. Mana and her companion Lee tracked down Ulrezaj and demanded him to return Mana to her original sex.

He said it's not his responsibility to turn them back, and he owed them nothing - after all they purchased it from someone else, he told them to go to him for a refund. The two stood their ground and reiterated their demand. Being a true entrepreneur Ulrezaj struck a deal where the two would fight in his tournament on 'the other side'.

Unfortunately for him, he put everything on one bet and lost it all when Mana and Lee won! He begrudgingly returned Mana to her original state, but got his revenge when he was able to trick Lee into being transformed into a turtle. Ulrezaj though returned him to his normal form after Mana got him a rare albino fox. He sent them off upset with the way things turned out, but happy he had a rare ingredient for a potion he had been trying to brew for a long time.