A tournament organized by Dr. Ulrezaj, held on the 'other side'. Anyone could create a team and participate in an attempt to prove themselves. Each team is matched against another team of similar skill as determined by it's organizers.

The prize was a great amount of treasure, including the Periapt of Health.

It was to be the first, annual tournament but after the death of Ulrezaj no one else had the gumption to organize and continue it.

The party participated at the behest of Professor Screw Eye, in an attempt to get the prize.


Here is the list of teams that the party was pitted up against.

The Pale Strangers

A team of Pale Strangers and Shaes. But a deal was struck that pitted one of each vs Hanzo and Nero on a 2v2 battle.

The Dark Ones

A team of Dark Ones including: Dark Stalkers, Dark Slayers, Dark Callers and a Dark Dancer.

The Lycanthropes

A team composed of all the lycanthropes known to man: a wererat, werewolf, werebear, wereboar, weretiger, werebat, werecrocodile, and a wereshark.

The Tremors

Two Storm Giants with dozens of kamakazi Goblins.

The Night-Walkers

A team of two Vampires.

The Elementals

Composed of a lightning elemental, a magma elemental, and an ice elemental.

The Kami Siblings

The Kami siblings were a team of 2 Kami's who have taken their last name after their kind. The brother was a Zuishin, and the sister was a Toshigami.

Slaying of the Red Dragon

Having been defeated by the Kami Siblings, the group was out of the tournament in the finals. The final match was The Kami Siblings vs a Red Dragon named Chrysophylax. Chrysophylax won and was awarded his spoils. The party then hunted him down, and killed him in his own lair in a harrowing battle and took the Periapt of Health.