Hannibal's appearance is a gathering of contradictions. His attire is that of a well dressed politician, however his clothes are always wrinkled, and tie un-pressed. His hairy right arm contrasted by a near-hydraulic looking left one. His entire head is cybernetic however his voice sounds organic as he talks with an odd dissonance and cadence. A dedicated public servant, surely no one can accuse of him of being more concerned with his appearance than his job.


Dewitt is a hard worker and an honest man. He is one of the few people in the police force who grinded his way up the ladder through legitimate hard work and dedication. While he has certainly earned a higher position than Captain, the politicians and those truly in charge made sure those were unattainable by anyone but those they hand-picked.


During Hannibal's time as a police officer, his head and arm were severely injured in a work-related accident as being a policeman in Kadesh is a very dangerous job. Before his death the police copied his consciousness to an AI and then amputated his head and replaced it with a cybernetic which was loaded with that AI. His throat and lungs were untouched, so he was able to retain most of his normal speech with only minor changes, however he also retained his cigarette habit.

Psycho Squad

While Captain Hannibal started a new initiative he called Psycho Squad. Hannibal wanted to give disgraced cops a second chance at their careers while also serving the community at large. Finding good cops was hard, and retaining them was even harder, and Hannibal didn't want to see their careers ruined by one mistake. The initative eventually expanded when Hannibal considered the value of criminals with certain talents. Instead of having them waste their skills rotting in prison or being executed he saw the opportunity to have them serve the city and earn themselves clemency, if they survived that is. Hannibal has complete autonomy over Psycho Squad and gets to determine who is offered a position on the team, when someone has earned their way off of it, and when they are deployed (see Psycho Squad for more info.).

Broken Arrow

When Hannibal was confronted by the party with irrefutable evidence of Locke's conspiracy he initiated Broken Arrow - a protocol that puts command of the entire police force of Lower Kadesh into the hands of the officer initiating it. He used the men at his command to storm Locke's office and raided it putting Jimmy Lang in charge of securing the evidence. It appeared that his superior officers could be compromised by this conspiracy, and at this point literally any police officer could be a member of Comet. Jimmy Lang was the only person he could think of that he was certain was not apart of Comet, and sure that was no apart of the conspiracy given his hatred of following anyone's orders but his own; and despite his issues Lang was a competent detective (see Jimmy Lang for more info.).

He proceeded to learn that the launch date for project unity was that very day and ascertained the launch site (see Conspiracy Projects for more info.). Together with Psycho Squad, he stopped the launch date, confiscated the Unity Engine, and arrested J. G. Locke. Evidence taken from Locke's office implicated Sha, which explained why he kept stopping Hannibal at every turn during this investigation and with that evidence arrested him.

The entire mission was noticed by the president who commended Psycho Squad and Hannibal, and promoted him to Commissioner to replace Sha.


After Lang took over the police department Hannibal sought to try and accomplish what Lang and his crew were doing, but by legal means. He asked the party's help who eventually turned to Dhalia and successfully told the city of the conspiracy (see Dhalia Malieaus for more info.). However that was not enough and he fought with the party to the harbor towers with a plan to destroy them to stop the sanitation of the planet. He was double-crossed and killed by Baron Samedi in the very last legs of their journey.