The Headless Hunter is out there. It cannot be bargained with. It cannot be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Whoever holds it's head commands it, and it will follow it's orders until it finally accomplishes it's goal; and don't be mistaken it will always carry out it's goal. An unyielding force, the Headless Hunter cannot be killed, only delayed. This is because every time the Hunter's body is killed, it reforms at it's head, and immediately sets out to continue his goal.

When given a mission the Hunter knows the location of his quarry and will head out. Woe to all who have the Hunter after them.


The Hunter's iconic laugh

Interaction with the Party

The Eastern Island Mystery

The party took on a mission to investigate murders on an island to the east of The Empire. The party found out the Hunter was responsible for these grisly beheadings, and the party eventually put a stop to the killings by putting an ancient cult to rest. The party thought that was the last of the Hunter, but they were wrong.

Little did the party know, but the entire thing was orchestrated so by Wither so he could gain control over the Hunter. The cult had obtained the Hunter's head and gave it the order, "Kill anyone who threatens the tree." With the cult dispatched, Wither had men swoop in and obtained the head and gave it a new order: "Kill Hanzo, and bring me back The Key."

The 'Death' of Hanzo

Following his orders, the Hunter sought out and found Hanzo sleeping in his bed. The Hunter would have killed Hanzo - he would have fought valiantly, but died none the less. But Hanzo's life was saved by Mirai's vision to the group warning them of Hanzo's impending fate. They came in and defeated the Hunter before he could carry out his task.


The party then traveled forward in time before the Hunter was able to make the trek back to Korhal. Their constant inter-dimensional travel also slowed down the Hunter. With the fall of The Empire, the head was lost to the N.I.C.E. as they retreated and the Hunter was rendered incapacitated as his task was unaccomplishable since Hanzo was no longer present in the world. For fifteen years, the Hunter lied dormant.


With Hanzo's return the Hunter again took to his task and hunted him down. He hunted him and found him in Korhal where he inadvertently helped the party by killing several of Jack's men, and he was defeated by the party.


Again the Hunter found Hanzo in Winterhaven at the base of Terror Tower, and beheaded Abathur. The party with Abathur's help defeated him.

Tick Tock, Slash Slash

Again he found Hanzo at the Clockwork factory above Zon-Kuthon's Temple. He fought through the griffins, even slaying one, but took heavy damage so that the party was able to defeat him easily.


He found him in his room at the N.I.C.E. but was defeated by Frost and the N.I.C.E. private police.


When en route to Hanzo he was jumped by some of the Witch's men. He was captured and brought to Gilgamesh to be used as part of a ambush. The party defeated him.

Final Encounter

The final encounter came when the Hunter found Hanzo in Baphomet's Temple. He got him alone, while the other party members were preoccupied. One by one the other party members joined the fight as they finished dealing with their own battles, and the Hunter was defeated by the entire group, with the finishing blow being delivered by Arisu in the form of a bolt through the back and chest.