Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D. To look on him no one would guess that Helter 'the cannibal' Skelter would be any threat to anyone. In his fifties, Dr. Skelter is always well dressed, whether it be in a suit jacket and tie, or in a straitjacket and tied.

Unfavorable Living Conditions

When the Orcish Horde assimilated the Hobgoblins into their nation, they found difficulty fitting in their new homes. Some turned to crime families, some the military, and others simply stayed behind to supply the front, but Skelter was different. He could not find satisfaction in these suicidal raids against a nation larger than their own, for a goal he couldn't care less about. And join Jack's organization? He saw right through that 'family' mumbo jumbo, and saw it for what it really was, a quick way for those who don't belong to belong, at least for a few weeks until they're inevitably killed but the violence they so engross themselves in. And stay behind as a laborer? Laughable. Skelter didn't want to belong, he wanted to understand why people felt they needed to belong. He didn't want to fight. He wanted to understand why people fought. And so he did. It started out as simply talking to people, a question here and there, and grew into engrossing conversations. But he found his countrymen poor conversationalists as one would expect Orcs to be, and someone who asks questions in this kind of society was quickly ostracized, and if continued, quickly in danger for their lives. Skelter discovered this the hard way, and had to flee the Horde. He snuck into The Empire through the mountains and stumbled across the N.I.C.E.


The N.I.C.E., Skelter quickly discovered, was more than a school - it was a refuge, for anyone who needed asylum. Skelter was greeted warmly, and given a room to stay. He found the people here far more tolerable than those in the Horde, and he was accepted there. Here he was free to explore his interest in psychology and pioneered the studies there. In his time there he studied everything there was to study about the world, from the natural sciences to ancient history to the culinary arts to anatomy. During his years of study, he explored his chosen path of psychology and pioneered the field doing research and studies on his own. He became so good at his unique craft, that he ended up teaching a class in psychology - the only one of it's kind, and worked there as the sole psychologist of the N.I.C.E., and perhaps of the entire Empire.

A Unique Craft

During his time as staff psychologist Skelter learned much about the different psychologies of many races, as the Institute was populated by a variety of races. You see as Skelter learned about people, he would try to fix them. He felt everyone had an opportunity to fix themselves if they were only led down the right path, and made the right choices. But Skelter was not big on second chances. People who could not, or refused to get better made his stomach churn. He could feel bile build up to the back of his throat as he would hear them drone on and on about problems they, in his mind, refused to fix. So he would... remove the hopeless from their hopeless lives. It was doing the world a favor Skelter saw it, those who refused to get better, didn't deserve to live in a world where others do. Well it began that way anyway, but as time went on Skelter grew more and more bold with who he decided should live and shouldn't. Annoying him soon became as good a reason as any to him.

Skelter used his knowledge of anatomy to make his kills. He would disable his victims by strategically cutting certain tendons rendering them helpless. Then maybe he would slice a main artery and watch as they bled out; or maybe he would choke them to death and watch as the light left their eyes. No matter how he killed them, he'd do things like time how long it'd take from them to die, or try to prod into their last mental moments as they drifted off, not wanting to waste the research opportunity.

Always careful to hide his tracks he relied on a very unique evidence removal technique to avoid arrest. He would cook up the choice cuts of meat, and dispose of the bodies in an old abandoned tunnel underneath the building. He would then host great dinner parties as he derived a sort of sick pleasure out of cooking up and serving those he murdered to those that were close to his victim. Unknowingly many a man ate his friend at Skelter's behest.

Why did he eat his victims? Mainly to show contempt for those he killed, and sometimes to perform what he thought as a public service.

Notable Patients


During his time in the Horde, Skelter became childhood friends with a pre-crimelord Jack, well the closest thing Skelter gets to friendship. Jack confided in Skelter, and Skelter partially confided in him. After some time at the N.I.C.E. Skelter reached out to Jack and ended up meeting with him once a month for several years. One can never be sure, but it's possible that Skelter's advice helped Jack to build his criminal empire, and evade death for as long as he did.

Valerian Mengsk

During his time at the N.I.C.E. Frost came to him and had him profile the emperor's son, Valerian. Skelter traveled to where the child was being hidden while he grew up, and he talked to the child and created a psychological profile on him. He handed the profile to Frost, and after reading it Skelter swore that's the closest he's ever seen Frost to cracking a smile.


After many years with the Institute Skelter had racked up quite a body count. And any person who kills that many people, for that long, will be caught no matter how good they are. And so it was with Skelter. At the discovery of his misdoings, he was put on trial and found guilty, and sentenced to life in New Folsom.

When the the Asylum Initiative was implemented, Skelter was transferred from New Folsom to Blackford Asylum. There he became subject to that which he performed on others, though their methods were not so traditional as a chat on a couch.

See Sophia Lamb for more information.


Helter Skelter 2
"I've been in this room for eight years, and I know they will never ever let me out while I'm alive. What I want is to see a tree, some birds, maybe even some running water." - Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D.

When the party was trying to survive against Jack, they went to Skelter, finding out that he was his therapist. Skelter quickly saw through their rouse using magic he learned while at the N.I.C.E. and began analyzing them. He decided to help them, for his own amusement if anything. He tried to show them that to survive against Jack they'd have to stick together and bond instead of being the islands they were, a bunch of individuals grouped up together.

Skelter was surprised when one day Jack was returned to the asylum. Apparently instead of using Skelter's advice to band together to hide from Jack, the party used it to capture him.

They visited him again and he made them a deal, if they broke him out of his prison, he would get them out of Korhal. They accepted and they broke him out. He led them out of Korhal via on old underground caravan route used by the Catfolks during their slavery, and went with them to Winterhaven.

But before he was broken out he had something to do. He held a grudge against Jack for escaping and not taking Skelter with him, so he decided to have some good old fashioned revenge.


While at Winterhaven he made a deal. He would bring them to people who might be able to help them, if in exchange they agreed to therapy sessions with him. They agreed, and he led them to the N.I.C.E.

There he took to his old life there, and even his old habits of murdering those that displeased him.

Ding Dong the Girl is Dead

Jack's recapture never sat well with Skelter. How could a hum drum band of misfits capture someone like Jack? Did Jack deserve it yes? Heck Skelter himself killed him. But did Jack deserve it from them? No, and he deserved some closure. So Skelter got an alchemist friend of his at the N.I.C.E. to make a bomb specifically designed to fit into a mannequin. Skelter noticed how they continued to get gifts in mannequins. So, he followed them around for a while, in the shadows, until his opportunity came. He observed as a living mannequin set up a display of mannequins and of course, a gift. When he left, Skelter set up the bomb and replaced the gift with a note saying, "This is for Jack." He didn't know which of the party would open it up, or whether they'd be gravely injured, or would die. The mystery was half the fun. Jack lived a chaotic life, it was fitting his revenge would be just as unpredictable.


The bomb killed Samantha. Having figured out Skelter was responsible for it the party turned him over the N.I.C.E. police, and they incarcerated him. While at Blackford he may have been treated terribly, but at least in his cell he was allowed to wear the patient uniform which allowed freedom of movement. In the prison cell of the N.I.C.E., he was always kept in a straight jacket, and forced to wear a mouth guard. He enjoyed almost no visitors except for the occasional visit from a party member, that was until Neytiri was brought to the Institute. The young girl took to Skelter, growing up around Hobgoblins she felt more comfortable around him than the many humans living at the N.I.C.E. and she and him would have long talks.


Having gotten her trust, he convinced her to let him out after the Witch's forces assaulted the N.I.C.E. He instructed her how to steal the key to the cell - it'd be easy, he told her, because of the chaos. He also instructed her where and how to get a memory crystal, and a cleric's outfit, even instructing her on the size. He told her that together they'd escape to some place safe, away from the humans of the Institute, and away from the Witch. When she let him out, instead he choked her 'till she passed out and then donned the cleric's outfit. Throwing her over his shoulder he entered the hallway and amid the confusion no one noticed him come out of the prison area, and with the outfit he looked just like any other person helping the wounded. Upon close examination his ears would of given him away, so he rushed through the crowd, though keeping a pace that would not arouse suspicion. He managed to make his way to his room, and there he killed her by cracking her sternum and opening her chest. He then cut out her heart and cooked it, leaving a portion for Hanzo, and activating the memory crystal. He then took the rest of her heart for rations, cut off his ears so that he could blend in, and made his way to the aviary where he stole a Griffon.


He was making his way to freedom and retaliative safety when he decided to turn around and go to Baphomet's Temple. He knew that soon Arisu would finally learn her lesson, and he couldn't resist being there to see it happen, maybe even helping it to occur.

He followed her, as she made their way through what he expected happened. Ghost turned on his 'family' and Skelter watched with a form of glee as she was shocked and what looked like... yes, it was, she was was broken, if only for a moment. Arisu left Ghost behind, and as Skelter passed by the beast, it growled at him. Skelter reached in his pocket to find Neytiri's heart still there. He held it out and after sniffing it, Ghost took it out of his hand. Skelter smiled and walked by, and watched as the party was engaged with the Headless Hunter, leaving Arisu vulnerable and he just couldn't resist. He felt compelled, he pulled out a scalpel he grabbed from the clerics and surprised her, as he had done so many others. There he reveled in his correct prediction and waited for that great moment where he gets to watch the person loose all hope. But he made a mistake, he gave her an opportunity to speak last words. She chose one word, and one word only, "Ghost!" Ghost came rushing in and tackled Skelter into a pit of discarded reject weapons and they both fell in together. Skelter was impaled, and his heart was laid bare at the tip of one of the spikes.

He died with no one to save him. Ghost did not. He had someone who loved him, someone to save him.

Therapy Sessions

Sophia Lamb's Therapy

"Remember doctor, there might be some momentary discomfort." - Helter Skelter, M.D.

When Skelter escaped he made a detour to present Dr. Lamb with some therapy of her own. He surprised her and quickly used that moment to put a noose around her neck, and lifted her off the ground. He placed a bucket under her feet, that she could stand on the tip of her toes on, to relieve the pressure on her windpipe. He then spread her arms and tied them to a broken off mop handle. He cut her wrists and offered her a choice: bleed to death, or kick the bucket away and be hung to death.

Lamb did not value, and in fact disliked life, her own, and especially others. She needed to find value in life if she was ever to begin caring about other's life and actually want them to get better. If she in her near-death experience found the will to live she would struggle to stay on the bucket and within a few minutes the janitor would find her and save her, and her therapy would be a success. If she stayed with her hatred of life she would kick the bucket, and her therapy would be a failure and thus her death deserved. For if one does not appreciate their own life, how can one hope to help change others'?

Hanzo's Therapy

Skelter quickly saw the flaw in Hanzo's mindset and tried to help him see it as well. He tried to show Hanzo that he 'sleepwalked through life always doing the next thing without giving it much though. He would seek revenge at all costs, even though he knew the unsatisfying empty feeling one gets from revenge. He would find a solution to the corrupt ruler problem, only to have the same problem again, and try the same solution again. He didn't think of new solutions, he would just continue the method he knew from experience didn't work. Skelter considered his therapy a failure, as Hanzo continued to demonstrate this mindset by following Frost and Wither even though he didn't trust them but refused to attempt to try and discover their true intentions. He gave Hanzo one final chance by attempting to shock him awake from his sleepwalking. He killed Neytiri and made him relive her murder through his own eyes. Hanzo knew that he shouldn't leave her with him, but did anyway - and the result was her horrific death.

Neytiri's Therapy

Skelter hated that he had to kill Neytiri because she was so receptive to therapy, but he felt forced to. He was determined to show her why before he did it though, out of respect. Her and people like her were the only hope for the future of the world. People who are new blood, all the worlds problems as Skelter saw it were caused by old blood - people with grudges sometimes generations old. Neytiri would of made a great leader, but there was one problem. She wasn't new blood, her father had poisoned her mind with prejudices of the past, and her hands were wet with the blood of innocents. She was so excited about the prospect of a world without the grudges and problems of the past. Too bad she wasn't able to fulfill that dream.

"I remember a client of mine who owned a swine farm. Do you know how they measure how healthy a pig is? You see you stick a kinfe in it's back to check the depth of the fat. He would go to shows and stab 4H show pigs, such coddled, trusting little things. You see they never saw it coming [Helter jumps Neytiri, and chokes her]. You see therapy isn't so different from that, I'm supposed to stick the knife in only as deep as necessary to measure the thickness of my client's skin. I think with you I miscalculated, and struck a nerve. Stuck the knife in too deep. Don't you find it interesting, that I'm the one who's going to kill you? That you're surrounded by humans who have more reason than most to want to kill you. You're responsible for bringing their species to the brink of extinction, and more over you're personally responsible for killing their children – their sons and daughters. Yet up to this point you've gone unharmed. I had a lot of hope for your Neytiri, you been so receptive to therapy, as you've said with your own mouth, “The problem with this world is that too many people are holding on to the past.” The Emperors all had their connections to the old world, the Institute desperately tries to bring back an ancient kingdom, the witch is arguably older than any of us. I think you would have made a great leader of the future, that is if your father hadn't corrupted you. You see you're tied to the prejudices of the past, and sure they can be unlearned but that's not good enough is it? The future needs someone pure. So in a sense I'm not the one killing you, really it's your father's hands wrapped around your throat. Quiet now, time to sleep. Let the darkness wash over you, let it take you into that sweet rest which you've granted so many of these people's children." - Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D.

Arisu's Therapy

"I think you've been scared your whole life. I think you were scared when that beast you call a family's mother came at you teeth grinning ready to rip you heart out as soon as look at you. Scared when you found no one you could love, no one who would call you family. Scared that in an entire village full of people the closest thing you had to a meaningful relationship was an animal. I think you were so scared that you could only dream of getting out, getting anywhere, getting all the way to the big Empire." - Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D.

Skelter wanted Arisu to realize that her animal was a poor substitute for the love of a person. He tried to show her that the difference between animals and intelligent beings was that animals do things because of instinct, and intelligent beings can override their instincts. He used the example of the jerky he offered her. Ghost was hungry so he ate it, whereas she was just as hungry but had the wherewithal to override the instinct of hunger to ask what it was made out of.

"Emotions are a gift from our animal ancestors. Love is a gift humanity has given itself." - Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D.

He tried to show her that the 'love' Ghost had for her was just instinct and not real love, and that we can love animals but they cannot love back because they can't really love. He also wanted her to learn how to deal with fear, the solution to her life as he saw it wasn't not being scared, but learning how to deal with it and accept it.

"It's okay to be afraid Miss Ice. After all, you're not really anyone important are you? No, you're just an ordinary girl without a family. You're always so scared of the unknown, well let me help you understand what's going to happen next. Look around you're surrounded by people, but you're still going to die the same way you lived, alone, without anyone to call or to call you family. And when you pass these people are going to move on without you, and without your poor excuse for a family - after all you're the only person who really actually cares about the dumb creature. And when it gets hungry, it's going to come over here and feast on your warm, wet, slippery flesh. Then you'll see how animal like your 'family' really is. Aww, shh it's okay, like I said it's alright to be afraid. Any last words Miss Ice?" - Dr. Helter Skelter, M.D.