In the era of the Shining Crusade, in which she led the Knights of Ozem in a series of victories over the Whispering Tyrant. She has proven she needs no mentor to guide her, no elder deity to help her find her place—she is valor, glory, honor, justice, and strength, and is unafraid to point her sword at the greatest evils facing the world. Iomedae is the youngest of the four deities that bind Quetzalcoatl. Though skilled in war, she does not see herself as a war-deity; she would rather convince evildoers to lay down their arms in honorable surrender than cut them down in the midst of battle, but she is fearless and willing to fight for what she believes in. She is a missionary and crusader, bringing benign sovereignty to the good and merciful justice to the evil. She loathes incorrigible evil, fiend-spawn, traitors, and those who abuse good in the name of “greater” good. TEMPLE








Iomedae 2

Eventually no one was left alive to worship the gods, so they lost all their power and 'died' off. The demigods having a slightly different nature to true gods were able to gain the power left in this power-vacuum to semi-resurrect. With the introduction of the Kadeshi the demigods were able to regain worship and thus some of their power.

Iomedae was the only demigod Baphomet did not approach to help him in his plans. He knew Zon-Kuthon would go with his plan, and that Sarenrae could be tricked with Zon-Kuthon's help, but he knew that Iomedae's sense of crusading justice would make her nothing but a thorn in his side. However Iomedae used what little worship she had, and what little power was siphoned her way secretly from Sarenrae to be able to exert influence on Kadesh. Working tirelessly and often too-slowly for her liking, she committed herself to stopping Baphomet and keeping him confined to this prison of a dying world, and wrenching his influence away from the denizens of it. She had little success until Hope arrived, at which time she possessed Coba and eventually Dhalia in order to help the party to thwart Baphomet.