Empress, Queen, War Chief, the White Witch - she has many names and titles, but few know her true one.

While having all the features of a human, she seems something more. Maybe it's her unusual height, or her paler than snow skin, or maybe it's something about her bone structure - how she looks noble simply by existing. Captivatingly beautiful, Jadis commands attention with every move she makes. Her motions are fluid, more graceful than even the most agile Catfolk. Yet they are powerful, commanding the strength of the fiercest Orc.

She knows magic beyond what our world has seen, yet needs not lift her finger to cast it. With a whisper she can enthrall dragons, and with a word even her greatest enemy would carve out his own heart and give it to her as a gift.

She knows no equal. Any that could contend with her power were turned to stone when she uttered the deplorable word, a word so vile that the very speaking of it would cause all living things to turn to stone.


Jadis was imprisoned in stone, on the dead world of Charn. Having been revived by the bell she left behind, she swiftly found a way off of the dead world. Soon after arriving on Earth she made her way to arguably the most powerful man on the planet. And with a few words she nearly took his Empire from him, but the soulless Clockwork soldiers were her undoing. Vanishing from the throne room in defeat she was happy to find out that this world would not be so easily conquered.

See Charn and Edmund Duke for more information.

Jadis was a conquer by nature, her people were conquers, and she had conquered the race of conquerors. That world lied quiet with death, as a aged sun shined it's dying beams upon the dead world's surface. Now she had a fresh new world to conquer and this world still had Dragons, a thing lost to her world long, long ago. She could use this, yes she could use this well.

The Horde Conquered

Jadis called all the Dragons to her, and as they gathered she had them tell her of this world. Learning of the conflict between the Orcish Horde and The Empire she knew what to do. She went to the Horde with her Dragons and with a crushingly fast display of power, she made smearing the War Chief across the landscape look like child's play, and she claimed the newly vacant position of War Chief.

See Orcish Horde for more information.

The Empire Conquered

Fall of Korhal

See The Empire for more information.

Aggressive Expansion

With the majority of The Empire's army defeated, and it's capital occupied, The Empire had little left to resist Jadis' takeover. She spread the Orcish Horde's armies in all directions out from the fallen capital conquering any resistance that remained, and letting the Orcs take over the cities and have their spoils. After the Orcs had their way with the people of the towns, any Elves that survived were turned into forced laborers, any Catfolk were freed, but the rest of the races didn't seem to concern her. That is except for the Humans.

Human Meat Grinder

Jadis was very wise and knew that the Humans could be a threat again. Unlike the Elves who would try to lay low and with their long lifespans trying to outlive their captivity by not causing trouble or drawing attention to themselves, the Humans would be a problem. They were a diverse species, crafty and they would not cease to try to overthrow her, not while they still drew breath. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be until a hundred years from now, but they would eventually rise up and get their revenge. So Jadis decided that the only way to avoid this inevitable revolt was to kill them, kill them all. So Jadis gave strict orders that all Humans be killed, she preferred them to be killed on sight, but didn't stop the Orcs from having their way with them first. A problem became apparent to her, the killing was sloppy, slow, and caused no end of problems. Where do they put all these bodies? How do they not inspire revolt from the communities where they're being killed? How are they to be sure they killed them all? So Jadis came up with a plan.

The Catfolk had more reason than most to hate the Humans. So she decided to put them in charge of the Human's genocide. She met with some of them and listened to their ideas of how to go about making sure all the Humans were killed. A black Catfolk, who everyone was calling the One-Armed Panther had a very interesting idea (See Seth for more info.). Putting him in charge of the genocide effort she gave him and his kind everything they needed to facilitate their plan. She raised the Catfolk to a high status among the Horde, even to the point of making them the only ones beside her who could command the dreaded Kaylas (See Orcish Horde for more info.).

The League Conquered

As soon as Jadis entered this world she felt the presence of a great wizard. With The Empire's back broken, she turned her attention to the source of this power - Aldaris. When she slayed him she was able to feel the presence of several other magic users who though not as powerful as Aldaris, would be best put down. She coordinated the hunting of these magic users and killed every last one of them. This was a disappointing part of conquering this world, as they were not nearly powerful enough to pose a challenge to her, and she had been thirsting for a challenge.

See Aldaris and The League for more info.


Even in her world, Jadis was fearless. It's one of the things that made her such a formidable opponent. But one thing has always scared her, necromancy. The thought of being brought back from the dead, and occupying your decaying body, but somehow not fully yourself - it chills her to the bone. She avoided all magic learning connected to it, and ever since her takeover of this world she has her armies hunt down wizards who dabble in necromancy with prejudice; and has them all together avoid Lich's and other such very powerful necromancers.

While not a fear, Jadis certainly is made uncomfortable by Clockwork. The fact that she cannot charm them makes her uneasy. But her other powers and her newly acquired Horde have proven to be a more than effective combination in removing this threat. She had them go to the factories and raze them.

The World Conquered

Jadis had the Horde continue to spread around the world, conquering all they came across. She did this to keep them occupied, essentially pacifying them. With things well and settled to her liking she focused on the utter and complete victory over the planet. She set in motion three plans, each of which enough to kill the planet, but with all three in place the planet would surely be doomed. While she carried out these plans, she spent any spare time she had attempting to discover a way off-world. She knew how to bring things in from another world, but could not herself go to other worlds, and she wished to find one worthy of her, that would put up a real challenge that she go to and conquer as this world rotted.

The World Tree

Jadis pulled the seeds for a certain tree in from another world. The seeds were not the only thing that came through the portal she opened, but what did that matter to her? The whole world would be dead soon anyway. Using her magic she quickly dispatched the plague but kept it secret, to the rest of the world the lands to the north of Korhal were still plague lands. Using this cover she had a group of workers dig vast trenches, with very special irrigation. The irrigation to look on it didn't seem to make much sense, it didn't appropriate water well at all. This was because they were not for water, but for bodies. After the workers finished digging she had them buried in the trenches they had just dug. On top of their corpses were planted the seeds to the World Tree. The World Tree is a parasitic tree that consumes the life energy of planet to nourish it. One is enough to destroy a planet given enough time, and Jadis had a forest of them planted.

The Doppelgangers

Jadis had Abathur manipulate Duran's DNA and restructure him to make him into a living weapon (see Abathur and Samir Duran for more info.). Her plan was to release him in the Dwarven Trade Guilds since they were the last remaining vestige of actual power, and let him spread from there to the rest of the world. Eventually all living things would become a Doppelganger, and the planet would be nothing but a wasteland of these creatures.

The Unnamed God

Unnamed God
Jadis knew and was herself scared of the Unnamed God. His power was unknowable, but what she did know was how to summon him - her people had discovered it by accident and the consequences were dire and the price was high to drive him out of their world. This world wouldn't have anything anywhere near enough power to stop his deadly presence so right before she moved off-world she was going to summon him. But her hand was forced when Baphomet's armies walked the earth once more, and she summoned him.


When Jadis learned of the N.I.C.E.'s plans to defeat her she decided to get to Baphomet first, and stop the party herself. Well herself with the army of the Horde at her back. But before she could do so, Baphomet had gained enough power with the previous worship he got from The Empire combined with the death of the other three demi-gods, that he was able to raise his army once more from the 'other side'. Jadis was excited, for once this world was putting up a fight. Jadis fought her way through the N.I.C.E.'s, and thus humanities, last offensive, and the Minotaur army to get to Baphomet's Temple. She entered and stopped the party from summoning Baphomet at the last second. But she was greatly weakened. She used up much of her power summoning the Unnamed God and could not simply charm them to her side. Oh but she wanted them. To have survived all they had been through, this party was valuable and could be used to great extent in her regime. So she relied on an older method she had learned of how to charm them, and was going to send them to sleep while she regained her strength to charm them fully to her side as she did so many hundreds of others.

She stunned them so that they couldn't move, and she went over to the altar that had a fire burning. She conjured special powder and threw it on the fire and a sweet aroma began to fill the room. This burning powder weakened the resolve of the party as she began playing with their minds. She began convincing them that there was nothing but the room they were in, everything else they knew to be true was all made up by their imagination. She nearly had them convinced when the Catfolk she had used so many times in this world ruined her plan. At the cost of his own hand, Seth smothered the fire (see Seth for more info.).

With the spell disrupted the others began attempting to summon Baphomet. She was forced to slay them all. As she began to turn one to stone he reverted to flesh in front of her eyes, and then she recognized it, the lingering aura of someone touched by the Unnamed God. In her surprise she began to realize she had been defeated. She couldn't deal with them all at once, not in her weakened state, not before they managed to summon Baphomet, and in her weakness she was in no condition to face a god. She knew she had to do it. Heck she survived it once, what's another few lifetimes stuck in stone? She began to utter the deplorable word when a voice got her attention,

"This is from Arisu." - Hanzo Hattori

With that Hanzo loosed an Hushing Arrow that hit true and Jadis found her voice taken from her. Without her voice she was not able to use any of her magic, and soon Baphomet appeared. Jadis had wanted the conquering of this world to be a challenge, and it proved too much of a challenge for her as Baphomet grabbed her by the face and popped her head like a cherry tomato.

Jadis was no more.