A man with fantastic hair, Kyle is the leader and president of Kadesh. He fathered a child, but his wife died during delivery.

Founding of Kadesh

See Kadesh for more information.


Somehow Katan impregnated his wife while the R.S.F. was up. His wife died during delivery and his child was born very special. To the public they think she is non-neural-typical, however in truth the only biological difference she posses is blindness. She possessed a spiritual difference however, she was granted a second-sight to replace her lack of vision, this sight allowed her to see the future in a way. Kyle used this to great effect to find success in all spheres of his life.

In truth it was Baphomet's possession of Kyle that allowed the pregnancy to happen, and this second-sigh was exactly his purposes.


Kyle is very skilled at talking out of both sides of his mouth. Publicly he shook the hands of Lanris and Victor and lauded them as the Heroes of Kadesh. Privately he conspired against them to have these thorns removed from his side. Publicly he denounced the people who deployed the Unity Engine, when privately he was the scheme's orchestrator.

Kyle has been working in secret for hundreds of years in preparation to invade the Homeworld. He has people brought to Upper Kadesh who would help him and back his plans, and remanded everyone who wouldn't to Lower Kadesh, planning to leave them behind (see Conspiracy Projects for more info.).


See Baphomet for more information.


During the Pre-Season the party retrieved the comb from Kyle, destroyed the R.S.F. generator, and killed Kyle Katan. Katan's death and the R.S.F. generator's destruction are being retconned, everything else that took place is still cannon.