This faceless creature takes the shape of a traditional genie made of yellow light held together only with wrist bangles.


Light Elementals share the same stats as air elementals with the following differences:

They loose the whirlwind special attack.

They add two Bangles to their treasure.

They gain the following Special Abilities:

Ray of Overwhelming Light (Ex)

When in melee range, a Light Elemental can open it's 'mouth' and fire forth a beam of light with an ear-piercing sound to boot. This causes the target to become blinded and deafened for 1d4 rounds. A Will DC of 15 negates.

Bright (Ex)

Light Elementals generate light and thus can never be in non-magical darkness. Whenever a Light Elemental attacks, it's target must make a DC 10 Fortitude save or become blinded for one round.

Sun Kissed (Ex)

Light Elementals attacks are treated as if they have the Holy magic weapon special ability.

Light Bond (Ex)

Two Light Elementals of the same size can combine to make a single Light Elemental of a size 1 step bigger. It's hp is set to the two Light Elemental's renaming hp combined. In addition a Light elemental can combine with any other kind of elemental giving it the "Light Imbued" template.

Light Imbued (CR +1)
“Light Imbued” is an acquired template that can be added to any elemental (other than a Light Elemental).
CR: CR is +2 higher than a normal air elemental with the same HD.
Special Abilities: Gain Bright and Sun Kissed special abilities.


The Plane of Air's vast expanse of sky makes for a bright place. As the Sun is unfettered in it's radiance. Light elementals are the by-product of common air elementals spending too much time in the sunlight. Often they are not as keen to kill as their elemental brethren, this is because the rare Light Elemental is often taken away soon after it's creation by holy gods to use as servants.