Mindi knows much of the Catfolk's history and traditions, and finds a strong sense of pride in her race's past. She has only her sister left as family.

Meeting Seth

During a festival celebrated nation-wide, Seth met Mindi. Celebrating at The Colosseum the two hit it off. They spent the entire day together playing games, watching shows, and enjoying each other's company. Seth invited her over to the Hattori Mansion saying that it was his own. There the two got into the liquor cabinet and, given Catfolk's intolerance of alcohol, the two quickly degenerated into debauchery and ended up sleeping together that night.

In the morning Mindi woke up and realized what had happened. Overwhelmed by how fast everything went she left the mansion abruptly. Leaving she passed by the party, who revealed to her that mansion was in fact not Seth's. Realizing Seth lied, she went through the past day's events in her mind seeing how Seth was merely trying to sleep with her, and all the things he said and did were lies to get in her pants. Seth attempted to catch up to her and talk to her to tell her she was wrong, but wasn't able to.


A few days after the Night of Long Knives, Mindi returned to The Hattori Mansion and asked for asylum. Seth feeling both sympathy, and attraction for her, convinced the Hattori brothers to allow her to stay. Seth was very interested in Catfolk history and tradition, and Mindi knew a lot of it. She would share stories and tales of their people, and embodied a lot of their tradition, and much to Hanzo's chagrin, would often wear little to no clothes. The two quickly bonded, and soon became lovers, she even suggested the name that Seth would eventually give to his daughter - a traditional Catfolk name.

See Seth for more information.

Allistair's Manipulation

Mindi lied and didn't come for asylum, but was apart of a scheme designed by Allistair. She was to make Seth fall in love with her and make him trust her. Then when she received word, she had to knock him out, sever his arm and use it to leave a message for the party, and give his baby to a thug sent by Allistair. He promised her that if she did what he told her to do, her sister, who he was holding hostage, would be set free.

See Ransom Fisher-King for more information.

Having discovered the scheme and saving Seth's life, if not his arm, the party let her live only because they felt bad that she was forced to do this. Though, they told her that if they ever saw her again her life would be forfeit.

She was last seen limping away from the Hattori's mansion.