Pictured at 15, Neytiri's mother, who was pregnant with her sibling, was murdered during the Night of Long Knives. Left for dead in the street, Seth rescued the child and raised her as his own.


Stolen by Mindi at Allistair's behest, she was used as leverage to get the party to play another one of Allistair's games. The party secured her return and returned her to Seth unharmed.

See Mindi , Seth and Ransom Fisher-King (Allistair) for more information.

Baby Killer

Mindi spent most of the rest of her life at Auschwitz. As she got older she was put in charge of disposing of the infants that came into the camp.

Her dad taught her about those she was killing, the humans. She learned how they weren't really people, but more of a disease. That they were dangerous and capable of all kinds of terrible evils. She learned that even though it looked like she was doing bad things by killing them, she was really doing the world a favor, and even in killing they were trying to be humane and not give them any unnecessary suffering.

She grew up with some of the Orc's and Hobgoblin's children, and felt comfortable around them. She played with them and spent time with her father whenever his work would permit. Jadis would come and visit some times, and she liked her because she always made her dad so happy. Sometimes she would bring Neytiri treats and talk with her for a while. Neytiri liked it because she wasn't around other females very often. She didn't like the camp very much, and looked forward to the day her dad told her about where the camps would close and she could go see the world and do the things she wanted to do.

She learned to view the people of the camps more as cattle than people - to be worked than butchered. But her world view was gonna be thrown into question when one day, there was an uprising at the camp (See Samir Duran for more info.).


"If you let anything happen to her, I swear by any god that can hear me that I will find you in the afterlife." - Seth

After her rescue by Hanzo, she was afraid and confused, everything she had learned had been thrown into question. Why would her dad trust a Human with her life? She was surrounded by humans. It looked like none of them knew who she was, and that relaxed her. If they knew that she disposed of their children things would get ugly. She immediately was drawn towards the Teifling, but he went away and never came back. There was a Catfolk who resided at the Institute as well, so she spent time with her. This Catfolk seemed to think the Humans were okay - poor deceived girl. A Hobgoblin was there as well and she spent time with him, but eventually the humans put him in prison. Of course they did, what else are those terrible humans going to do? She kept him company, but she learned all-too-late that the humans' judgment was not as bad as she had first thought.

See Helter Skelter for more information.