Sarenrae teaches temperance and patience in all things. Compassion and peace are her greatest virtues, and if enemies of the faith can be redeemed, they should be. Kind and loving, a figure of light, guidance, and healing, she has great patience with those who choose to be blind but may one day see. Yet for all her compassion, Sarenrae is also a powerful force against evil, and strikes down the irredeemable without mercy. There are those who have no interest in redemption, who glory in slaughter and death. From the remorseless evil of the undead and fiends to the cruelties born in the hearts of mortals, Sarenrae's doctrines preach swift justice delivered by the scimitar's edge. To this end, she expects her faithful to be skilled at swordplay, both as a form of martial art promoting centering of mind and body, and so that when they do enter battle, their foes do not suffer any longer than necessary.









Eventually no one was left alive to worship the gods, so they lost all their power and 'died' off. The demigods having a slightly different nature to true gods were able to gain the power left in this power-vacuum to semi-resurrect. With the introduction of the Kadeshi the demigods were able to regain worship and thus some of their power.

Sarenrae looked on helpless without any power upon the fractured citizens of Kadesh. She longed to heal them of their many divisions and pains but was unable to do anything but watch, until Baphomet offered her a chance to change things. She knew he was using her, but she thought she would be able to do more good going along with him than remaining as she was. She possessed Red and was crucial to her gaining her bardic abilities. She used her influence to rest the raging souls of the denizens of Kadesh, and help to heal divisions. Knowing of Baphomet's nature she wished for the party to succeed at stopping him and helped them in whatever ways she could.