The Scissors are considered one of the most volatile Items known, due to it's sensitive trigger. The Scissors have the ability to rotate anything, by pointing the scissors at the object the user desires to rotate, and then rotating the scissors. The scissors are difficult to use intentionally since simply moving them even just from your hand to your pocket will likely result it the object's repeated use.

The party worked around this issue by using the Bag of Holding to take out the Scissors already pointing at the object they desired to rotate, then returned them to the Bag by sliding it over the Scissors.


The party found them on a shelf in the room dedicated to the Unnamed God on Charn. It is unknown how this item was located in a different dimension, since all the other items, except for the Bag of Holding and the Comb of Time-Stop (which both were known to have been brought into another dimension from ours), have only been found in our dimension.

Use in The Vault

The Scissors are used to rotate a large barrier wall made of an unknown substance that blocked the entrance to the plant room in The Vault.