Located south of The Empire, and consisting of mainly Humans and some Catfolk, the Southern Islands are a collection of islands under a single government.


When the Confederacy of Man fell (see The Empire for more info.) the last remnants of the old confederacy fled to the south. Coming across these unoccupied Islands they began to colonize them and found them selves safe from the anti-confederacy sentiment up north, until such a time as it had died down and been all but forgotten.


Seemingly governed by a single governor, he is actually merely a figurehead for a Aristocratic form of rule. Foremen control the mines, captains control the docks, and generals control the militia. Together they form the ruling body of the Islands while they give the mundane and superficial tasks of rule to the governor. This allows these rulers who are all either former members of the old Confederacy of Man, or their descendants, to maintain a rule of law similar to that of the old Confederacy, without the social stigma that would occur if it was to truly be the same.

Life in the Southern Islands

The people of the Southern Islands enjoy relative freedom. Because of this an underground caravan route developed that traveled through The Empire and delivered Catfolks safely to freedom in the Southern Islands. Because of this a Catfolk community has developed in the Southern Islands, and with it a group of freedom fighters who call themselves the Cat's Claw.

Work there is split between fishing operations and mining ones. They export fish and precious metals, but their biggest export by far is black powder, something they have a near-monopoly on.

It was the Southern Islands that discovered how to create and make use of black powder, and have been the pioneers in this world of gunsmithing.

Interactions with The Empire

See The Empire for more info.