The Empire is the single largest nation on the planet, composed of a multitude of races. If a race exists, chances are you can find them in The Empire. Though the two races that call The Empire their main home are the Humans and the Elves. They say that The Empire is so vast that both the moon and the sun can be seen at all times from within The Empire's lands. In their flag the Sun and Moon signify the vast lands of the Empire. The red snake symbolizes the Elves and the blue snake Men. The Helmet is the old symbol of the Sons of Korhal. The triangle around the images symbolizes the impenetrable unity of all those in The Empire.


Arcturus Mengsk was the perfect man, nay the only man who could pull off a stunt like forming The Empire. Arcturus held a grudge, a deep grudge against the people who killed his family, and wiped out all the old families. After just fighting a war for those same people, he was going to use the tools they gave him to bring them down (See Arcturus Mengsk for more info.).

Using his fame, and funding it with his prospecting money, Arcturus started a revolution. It was one of the best uses of propaganda ever before implemented. Arcturus railed against the Confederacy of Man's crimes of the Eldilian purge. He called it a grievous affront against humanity itself, that this corrupt Confederacy would kill so many civilians for no good reason. He said it was an example of how they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way, and can't even protect their own people. He abused them for dragging the people into a war that they weren't interested in, and sent many a young man, many a son, many a father to his death over wood and stone. Arcturus was persuasive and able to turn public opinion in his favor. He pulled many a person to his cause, to his group of revolutionaries known as the Sons of Korhal, named after the town where the Confederacy had killed all the old families.

The revolution was bloody, and long. But with Arcturus's knowledge of how to sway public opinion, his fighting and strategic abilities gained from the Guild Wars, the revolution was a success, and the Confederacy of Man fell, and in it's place, Arcturus's revolutionaries took control. The Sons continued to grow, and began to create for themselves a nation, trying to establish government, work, and provide food and resources to their people. This jeopardized Arcturus's control. He knew soon enough they would have an elected representative government and he would have to step down from his position of power. If he didn't, he'd be branded just as bad as the people they overthrew, but Arcturus had no intention of losing his hard-fought power.

"It would be easy to declare that Arcturus Mengsk was a master manipulator, which he was, or that he regularly deceived others, which was true as well. But it would be a mistake to deny all personal responsibility in falling into his web. It seems now the height of folly ever to have dealt with the man, but think of the situation when the Sons of Korhal rose to power. You had the mindless beasts made by the Guild Wars on one side, and the unholy fire of the revolutionaries on the other. And in the middle you had the criminal bureaucracy of the old Confederacy of Man, which was willing to write off the population of an entire city in order to remove the old families. With such a surplus of devils in the universe, what did it matter if there was one more?" - Michael Liberty, Historian

Secretly, Arcturus met with the Elves who at the time were one of the largest nations, and they were not very far from the land of the Son's of Korhal.  Arcturus's charisma shown again as he convinced the Elves to combine forces to create something greater than the individual nations. Revealing this to the people, Arcturus found it easy to sway the public opinion yet again. They already loved him, not they would adore him. He helped them go from a band of rabble revolutionaries fighting a hopeless battle against the establishment, to now one of the greatest nations on earth. The benefits of unifying with the Elves were countless, but none as important as the protection and respect they gained. Who would dare fight against such a combination of forces? No longer the Son's of Korhal, or the Elf's Nation, they took the name of The Empire, inviting all nations to join them and unify the world under one helm, under one empire, under The Empire. And with that the nation that rocked the world was born.

Arcturus volunteered to 'take the burden' of leadership for The Empire's infancy, but declared that he didn't want it, and to make sure that this stay's the people's Empire, he demanded that a Senate be set up to guide him and keep the position of Emperor in check. No one was better at deception than Arcturus, some say he even deceived himself into thinking he was a good person. But his motivations did not come from a desire to help people, it came out of revenge and greed.

When The Empire stretched it's borders sometimes it was through forceful invasion, and other times when they'd come across another civilization they would join them of their own accord. It was in this way that many nations, such as the Kobolds came to join the empire. More often than not it is through this second method that The Empire grew, though there are some exceptions.

Territorial Expansion

Catfolk Enslavement

When The Empire's territory surrounded that of the Catfolks the Empire was already in a position of great strength. While Arcturus desired their land, he desired something more. The Empire was missing something that it seriously needed - a cheap labor force. So instead of trying to parlay and annex the Catfolks, Arcturus mounted an invasion of the Catfolk's lands, planning to enslave them.

The Catfolk fell with minimal losses on The Empire's side, as their armaments and fighting methods were archaic, and they were not a unified force as they were living in separate nations [much like the Native Americans in our world], and had no powerful allies. But The Empire made sure to also avoid casualties on the Catfolk's side in order to get as many survivors for the slave trade as possible. Catfolks are physically strong, but not overwhelmingly so, making them good options for manual labor slaves. Female Catfolk can only be impregnated by male Catfolk so they found themselves often being sold into the sex slave trade. Male Catfolk are 'larger' and have more 'stamina' then their human counterparts, so they too were prime candidates for sex slavery. Due to this, those Catfolk who gain freedom often find themselves turning to prostitution to make enough money to get by. The Empire made a lot of money selling the Catfolk to the people of The Empire, and this war was very very profitable for them in both gold and land. And who could measure the positive effect slave labor has had on The Empire.

The Catfolk's homeland was enfolded into the territories of The Empire and it continued to expand. The Catfolk are subject to a great amount of racism.

Desire for the Land of the Dwarves

See Dwarven Trade Guilds for more info.

Acquisition of the Kingdom of the Giants

See Kingdom of the Giants for more info.

Acquisition of Southern Islands

The Empire's expansion to the South ended at the ocean, but Arcturus had always wanted to push down to the South when he had secured the already existing borders of The Empire from the Orcish Horde, Giants, and Dwarves. But after the death of emperor Valerian Mengsk, taking the Southern Islands became top priority for The Empire, and they waged an all out war on the Southern Islands (See Valerian Mengsk (Guy Montag) for more info.). But it was not a conventional war.

The Empire wanted to make an example out of the Southern Islands to discourage any further attempts on the lives of it's emperors, and teach other nations that crossing The Empire would come with severe consequences.

In order to make an example out of them they wanted to do several things:

  1. Defeat the armies of the Southern Islands with an overwhelming force
  2. Make a display of their defeat
  3. Take no prisoners and leave no survivors, not even women or children
  4. Completely scorch the land, leaving nothing on the surface but ashes

So to say they waged war would not be entirety correct, instead they committed a massacre. Bringing far more military might than was necessary to bear, The Empire waged a naval battle to serve as a distraction, then brought their newly acquired Giants to bear. They had cast a breathe underwater spell on them and had them walk along the ocean floor to the Islands. The naval fleet of the Southern Islands were so distracted by their naval battle, that by the time they noticed the Giants it was too late. The Island's navy was now flanked and took heavy losses, allowing the transport ships that contained a Clockwork army to make landfall. From the land the Clockwork army began to do battle with the land defenses of the Islands. Once the land defenses were sufficiently dealt with, the Undead Dragon Riders came and began burning the Islands' cities and lands to the ground. For weeks all that could be found on the Islands were dragons spraying fiery death from above, and Clockwork soldiers patrolling the ashes for survivors.

Though this would make their point, completely annihilation the Southern Islands did have some negative consequences.

  1. Loss of strategic resources including lumber, food, farms, and cities
  2. Loss of workable land
  3. Loss of skilled laborers

Currently The Empire occupies the Islands for their mines (the mines survived the war since it was only the surface that was scorched beyond repair). They provide some relief from the monopoly the Dwarven Trade Guilds have on such products. The Empire also uses the Islands as military bases, since they are in a good strategic location, and the military force there deters anyone from attempting to raid the mines.



The Emperor is arguably the single most powerful person in the entire world. He serves a life term and is the face of The Empire.


  • Foreign Policy
  • Commander of Military
  • Enforce Laws
  • Protect Citizens

Past Emperors: Arcturus Mengsk (27 years), Valerian Mengsk (4 years), Edmund Duke (6 years)


The Senate is a group of individuals elected by The Empire's citizens from among it's citizens.


  • Domestic Policy
  • Create Laws
  • Elect Emperor
  • Recall Emperor


Citizenship is difficult to get, but comes with many benefits.


  • Elect Senate
  • Can run for Senate
  • Can Attend and Speak at Senate Meetings
  • Increased Access to the Palace (right to appeal to the emperor)
  • Easier Travel Throughout The Empire's Territory
  • Can Achieve Higher Position in Military

How to Gain Citizenship - (Must have residency in addition to each of the below)

  • Be born to a Citizen (who has been one for at least 10 years), register, and pay a fee
  • Serve in the Military for Two Tours
  • Serve in the Fire Department for 10-years

Life in The Empire

Dragon Visit

An Undead Dragon Rider visiting the palace, as they do often.

If you are of the core races your life is good. Those of less common races find acceptance, but are not embraced as much. Only two races in particular are shunned. Those who are Orcs find themselves very unwelcome, and that doesn't cause much of a problem as there are very few Orcs would ever want to live in The Empire. Catfolks are slaves, and free Cats find themselves inundated with heavy racism and classicism.

Poverty is not found widely, though there are definitely sections in the bigger cities, as can be expected in any large city, and thus Korhal has sections of the very poor and has some destitute. Under Valerian's reign, a food program was put in place and starvation was nearly completely quenched in Korhal and was reduced in other parts of The Empire, though it took several years (see Valerian Mengsk for more info.). It was said that as long as Valerian reigned no one had want for bread in the entire Empire.

Everyone from laborers to skilled artisans can find work in the Empire, as it's ever expanding and more and more jobs are thus created. If you need something you can bet that you'll be able to find someone selling it somewhere in The Empire. One could choose to have a simple life of the working man, or the exciting life of an adventurer in it's lands and find success and happiness for all their days.

War with the Orcish Horde

As the Orcish Horde began expanding more and more many nations took notice. The Empire, being the closest became very concerned. With little debate Arcturus preemptively declared war in an attempt to maximize on the Horde's divided attention, as they were expanding on multiple fronts at once. The Empire underestimated the fighting capabilities of the Horde and their blitzkrieg warfare failed rather miserably. With the surprise gone, the Horde turned many of it's resources towards The Empire front.

After several years the Horde has reduced the number of fronts they are waging war on, and with each front closed came another conquered race included into the Horde, and thus more and more varied troops to send at The Empire. This helps the Horde immensely as every time The Empire learns to fight against the Horde's tactics, new races and tactics are introduced.

Though The Empire has advantages of their own, namely the Giants Arcturus gained for his armies (see Kingdom of the Giants for more info.), and the Undead Dragon Riders. Some say that without the Riders the war would have been lost long ago.

Under Valerian Clockwork armies have been used against the Horde. At first this swung the tides of the war greatly in favor of The Empire, as missions which would result in catastrophic losses, but strategic gains, could now be undertaken. But the Horde knows only war from a young age, and they were not to be defeated so easily. The Horde was put in the defensive, and were slowly being pushed back into their territory, and continued to do so under Duke. With Duke's addition of a wider variety of Clockwork soldiers, it was expected that the war would end in victory for The Empire within his lifetime, with minimal loss of Imperial lives due to the Clockworks. That all changed when the fire nation attacked when the Witch seized control of the Horde.

With their new War Chief and the Dragons she brought with her, the Horde began making unprecedented progress, and began winning decisive victory after decisive victory, quickly pushing towards Korhal. The Empire's own fighters would turn on themselves!  The Witch's mastery of charm magic made the Clockworks the only way The Empire could hope to slow her advance. But even then the Witch could not be stopped. She would charm the siege engine's operators, and Clockworks would find themselves being pummeled by their own artillery. Dragons would come in and decimate the Clockwork soldiers as the armies of the Horde came in to clean up the rest. After a few terrible losses Duke ordered that all solider pull back to Korhal - and it was there that he'd make his final stand (see Edmund Duke for more info.).

The Fall of Korhal

Korhal's Defenses

The walls and gates of Korhal were strong, and were designed for prolong sieges. They had archer perches, as well as built in ballistas, bombards, cannons, firewyrms, springals, and trebuchets. Since the built-in defenses of the walls sat atop a wall they could out range any opposing siege weapons and could destroy them before they had a chance to get off any shots.

If any army made the mistake of marching on Korhal's walls would take great losses simply arriving to the walls, and would most certainly be completely destroyed before they managed to break through their great gates.

Duke had the gates closed and the walls manned. He even put Clockwork Goliaths atop the walls ready to reign down death with their arm-mounted cannons. All that was left to do was to await the arrival of the Horde.

Catfolk Treachery

It was well known throughout Korhal that The Empire was loosing the war, and that the Horde was nearing Korhal. The Catfolk, who would often sneak away to meet in groups, talked among themselves about their future.

If The Empire won, sure the very few Catfolk in that their masters allowed to fight, and that survived would earn their freedom, but the rest of them would remain in captivity. If the Orcish Horde won, they'd no doubt be treated more like trash than they already do, and they would surely sack the city, killing most of the Catfolk, if not having their way with them first. The Catfolk heard the rumors of how the Orcs did battle, often stopping to do terrible, terrible things to their enemies before killing them. Either way the Catfolk were screwed. That is until another option was brought up.

What if they helped the Orcs? Why not help them? After all, why would they fight for a people who did nothing but treat them like dirt? What if instead they helped to undermine Korhal's defenses and bring the city down? Surely the Orcs would spare them if they saw them helping, right? Well even if they didn't at least they could die knowing that they helped bring down the people that had done them so wrong. And so it was decided, that the Catfolk would take Korhal down from the inside and die with pride.

The Catfolks began spreading the word among themselves what they were to do. When the Orcs got into the city, they were to rise up and take vengeance on their cruel masters! Slaves would kill their owners, Catfolk soldiers would sacrifice themselves to take out strategic personnel by surprise. The Humans wouldn't know what hit them until it was too late. But it is one courageous group of Catfolk that made the most difference, planning something truly extraordinary.

A group of Catfolk soldiers that had been fighting for The Empire for several years, a few of which even had earned their freedom, decided to open the gates for the Orcs. They knew that no army had a chance getting through these gates before their forces were whittled down so far as to no longer be a threat. But if the gates were opened, that could change the entire battle. They made peace with their gods and loved ones and prepared for the day the Orcs would attack.


The Horde marched towards Korhal, and were beginning to be attacked by siege weapons and Clockwork Goliaths, loosing scores of men. Duke's generals were overjoyed with this apparent blunder of the Orcish Horde, but Duke knew better. He knew what was coming next, and the screaming roar he heard proved his prediction correct. Dragons were heading right for the siege weapons. Not only that but the Orcs were bringing forward their own siege weapons as well. They were trying to split their attention, assuring that at least some of the dragons, army, and siege weapons would get through, but Duke had prepared for this.

He ordered the siege weapons and archers to focus on the advancing foot-soldiers, and had the Clockwork Goliaths focus their fire on the Dragons (A Clockwork Goliath is so strong it could win a one-on-one fight with any but the eldest of dragons) leaving the Horde's siege weapons alone for now. A few Dragons fell, but the Goliaths could not stop all of them before they reached the walls. That is where the Clockwork Dragons came in. Coming out of hiding behind the walls, the Clockwork Dragons came screeching straight up intercepting many of the Dragons.

The Horde's foot-soldiers were being slaughtered with no repercussions, and their Dragons were quickly falling. After the Dragons were dead, the Goliaths were to return to attacking the foot-soldiers, and the Clockwork Dragons were to fly over to the Horde's siege engines and destroy them. But things did not go as planned, for when the Orcs got to the gates Duke heard a terrible and awful sound. He heard the sound of clanking chains as the gates began to open!


When the Orcs came to the gates they were as surprised as anyone that they were opening. As the gates were opening The Empire's soldiers turned to the building that housed the opening mechanism to see a few Catfolk operating it, and a few more guarding the door. A officer took men to stop them, as they were only a few they couldn't possibly hope to fight them all off, but by the time they were able to slay a few of the Catfolk it was too late. The Gates were opened and the Orcs came rushing in. All that Catfolks that were in the army turned on their comrades and together with the Orcs made quick work of the battalion guarding the gate's entrance. There was a strange and unique moment that happened where most of the Orcs that made it through the gate stopped and starred at the Catfolks as they heaved, leering above those they had just put down. The Catfolk turned their heads towards the Orcs, and it's not known who did it first, but one of the Catfolks, while looking at the Orcs, tore The Empire's symbol from his uniform. One by one the rest of the Catfolks did the same. With that the Orcs smiled and rushed past the Catfolks, into the city and up the walls. The Catfolks turned and followed them.

The Horde poured onto the top of the walls from behind. After some time of brutal battling on the walls, the Horde wrestled control of that portion of the walls from The Empire and commandeered the built-in siege engines, using them to help destroy the Clockwork Goliaths and Clockwork Dragons. They then turned them around to point into the city, and fired indiscriminately upon the city. With the gate and adjoining walls secured, the Witch herself arrived with her Dragons and began to march with the army towards the palace.

In the residential areas, whenever the Catfolk slaves would hear the Orcs approaching, they then would turn on their masters. Likewise the Catfolk soldiers would turn on their comrades much as the ones at the gate did, moments before the Orcs would arrive, comprising the defense and strategies of nearly every area of military might in Korhal.

Fight at the Palace

Duke scryed on the entire battle from his palace. He knew that the Orcs had won. All of his military advisers agreed that if the Orcs breached the walls, the battle would be lost. Now there was nothing left but to to go out swinging. At least that's what all his most trusted advisers told him, to put up a fight at their last stronghold, the palace, and try to at least take the Witch with them. But Duke was a wise man, he would put up the best fight he could as they suggested, but that was not his plan of last resort. He had one last plan, one final action before his death.

As the Witch marched into the palace, easily dispensing with it's defenses, she entered the throne room. Duke stood near his throne, with Clockwork Goliaths, one on either side, and all the best Clockwork creations ready to defend the emperor. Duke addressed the Witch, "We meet again my Lady. I believe it was in this very same room that we last had the pleasure of each other's company. I implore you, please reason with me here and now. Listen to what I have to say." The Witch stood there silently with her army at her back and awaited the man's words. Seeing this he continued, "You have already won. This once great city has fallen, and with it you have defeated us. I brought our entire army to bear against you, and you have gone through them like so many knives through butter. You have showed your might, and superiority, and have destroyed that which threatened you. The rest of these people can you do you no harm, let them go. All the people that could fight are now dead, all that remain in this city are mothers with their children, and men and women too old and decrepit to ever be a threat to you. Spare their lives. Deep down the people of this world are very gentle and kind, talk to them and you'll see. You have the power, you are in charge. I know you can feel love and compassion. You have a wonderful chance to show the whole world that you can be merciful as well as strong, that you're big enough to treat these people better than the world has treated you. I implore you. Please," the old man looked at her with weary eyes laden under heavy eyelids.

The Witch stood silently for a moment. Then she began cackling and clapped her hands. "Ha, ha, well done! A very motivating and heartfelt speech to be sure. I am sure the people of this world do have love and compassion in their hearts. Your mistake is in assuming that I do as well. I am not shackled by your kind's capacity for kindness. Warriors of the Horde," she shouted, "leave no survivors." With that a great and epic battle was had in the palace that dwarfed even that of the battle of thrones. It ended with the Witch staring at a stone statue of Edmund Duke.

End of an Era

In the wake of this offensive, nearly all of The Empire's army, as well as it's leaders, were dead, as Duke brought everything to bear in the defense of Korhal. Leaderless and with a broken army, The Empire fell with Korhal.

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