This skeleton key is the single most sought-after Item. While not as powerful as other Items, it's use comes from it's ability to grant it's user access to The Lost Room and thus gain all the benefits that The Lost Room offers. To use The Key, the user only need find a key-hole that will fit the key (given that key holes have a standard size, The Key fits near all key holes). The Key will always be able to turn the lock of any door it fits into, and the door will open to The Lost Room.

The Key also has the ability to stop The Lost Room from resetting, as long as it is in The Lost Room.

The Key is the only known Item that retains a supernatural effect while in The Lost Room.

The Key is the only known way to access The Lost Room.


Hanzo and Nero, upon return from the south, came across a group of Elves from the north fighting some bandits. After turning the battle in favor of the Elves, the party received The Key from a dying Elf. The surviving Elves attempted to steal and use The Key to get away from the party, but they stopped them and reacquired The Key. The Elves divulged the nature of The Key in trade for the party promising to let them go and never attempt to find them, or bring The Key near them again.

Allistair later stole The Key from the party by putting them into one of his games. Unable to find Allistair due to The Key's abilities, they made a deal with Aldaris to teleport them to Allistair. The party found themselves teleported to the land of the Dwarven Trade Guilds. They ambushed Allistair and reacquired The Key, at which time Dr. Ulrezaj attempted to take The Key from them. The party survived, save for Kaami, with The Key still in their possession (see Dr. Ulrezaj and Allistair for more info.).

Use in The Vault

The Key is the only known way to get into The Vault, as the location of The Vault is unknown but deep underground.

Current Whereabouts

The Key is currently in the Bag of Holding. Since Hanzo and Arisu are the only people who know that The Key is in the Bag it is unlikely to be obtained for the following reasons:

  1. Someone must picture an item in their mind to retrieve an item from the Bag, and not many people know what it looks like.
  2. Logically one would have to know that an object is in the Bag to want to attempt to retrieve it, and no one else knows that The Key is in the Bag.
  3. The Bag's current location makes it difficult to obtain.