Acid Fog, Alarm, Animate Dead, Antimagic Field, Arcane Eye, Blade Barrier, Bleed, Bless, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Chill Touch, Cloudkill, Command, Commune, Cone of Cold, Contagion, Crushing Fist, Crushing Hand, Cure Critical Wounds, Daze Monster, Discern Location, Disguise Self, Endure Elements False Life, Fear, Fire Seeds, Fireball, Flame Strike, Flesh to Stone, Freedom of Movement, Geas/Quest, Gentle Repose, Ghost Sound, Ghoul Touch, Grease, Greater Magic Weapon, Haste, Heal, Heat Metal, Heroism, Hypmnotic Pattern, Ice Storm, Imbue with Spell Ability, Incendiary Cloud, Keen Edge, Lesser Geas, Lightning Bolt, Limited Wish, Locate Creature, Major Creation, Majic Jar, Mending, Minor Creation, Mirror Image, Mnemonic Enhancer, Permanency, Plane Shift, Polymorph, Polymorph Any Object, Prayer, Regenerate, Resist Energy, Resurrection, Rusting Grasp, Scrying, Secret Chest, See Invisibility, Shatter, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Image, Spell Turning, Stinking Cloud, Stone Shape, Stoneskin, Symbol of Pain, Symbol of Stunning, Telekinesis, Trap the Soul, Wall of Fire, Warp Wood, Water Breathing, Wish.