Trailblazers Actual Play
Welcome to the Trailblazers Wiki! Here you can find information on all the characters, places, and objects relevant to my podcast Trailblazers, as well as homebrew content I've made for Pathfinder. All of the campaigns I run take place in this universe, creating a rich world of depth.

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SPOILER ALERT: This wiki contains spoilers for Trailblazers, not only finished seasons but the current season as well (even for content not yet released).


To help you navigate this wiki you will benefit from understanding the timelines since time travel has complicated things a bit. You can find an explanation of the timelines HERE.

Reference Guide

Here is an easy reference guide to help you understand where you can quickly find content pertaining to each season.


  • Pre-Season content is in the T1 timeline sections.
  • Season 1 content is in the T2 timeline sections.
  • Season 2 content is in the T1 timeline sections.


  • There are a few things that are relevant to season 2 in the T2 timeline, they have "Season 2" in their category section.
  • Each page is categorized with which timeline or timelines it exists in, as well as which season it is relevant to.
  • If something exists in both timelines, but has significant differences it will have two pages, one with "(T1)" in it's name and one with "(T2)".
  • If something exists in both timelines, but is mostly relevant to one and not another it will be listed only on the relevant timeline. (For example Setsuko is only relevant to the T2 timeline, however she exists in the T1 timeline but is insignificant to the lore of that timeline and thus only has an entry in the T2 timeline section.)

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