Trevor was hired by Sy and Hanzo Hattori to handle their Blacksmithary.

At Trevor's behest, two assistants were hired to help him: Sherwook Kosak [hm] and Arnold Else [hm].

Benefits of Owning Blacksmith

At the end of the month the GM will roll on this table to see how much the Blacksmithary gained in profit (meaning cost of salaries, raw materials, etc. are already taken out).

In addition any item that can be made at the blacksmith, can be obtained therein. These items will cost half-price (to represent price of raw materials only, not labor) and will be taken off the top of next month's profit.

Dice Roll Net Income (GP)
1 $0.00
2 - 20 $100.00
21 - 40 $200.00
41 - 60 $300.00
61 - 80 $400.00
81 - 99 $500.00
100 $1,000.00