"Well, it's about time." - Tychus upon seeing Nero's release

When you first see Tychus you either first notice the domineering hulk of his muscles, or the stogie he inevitably is smoking. Tychus' origins are as mysterious as the reason for his many scars and tattoos. To be clear many people think they know his past, but each one would tell you a different story. Tychus has boasted about the markings on his body weaving fantastical tales about how he got each one, or the meaning behind this tattoo or that. Only Arcturus knows the truth, and it is that, that keeps Tychus loyal.

Interactions with the Party

Creation of the Task Force

See Task Force for more information.

Hunting the Party

After the party went on the run, Tychus immediately set out to capture them. He sent a courier ahead of the party to Nenlast to have the guards of the town capture them and they successfully did. But a young town guard took pity on the party and released them knowing that something wasn't right, as his superiors were breaking many protocols in the way they arrested and were holding the party.

Tychus is responsible for the death of Mana and Kanto, as they froze to death running from his pursuit. He is also responsible for the death of Alan, when he arrived in Korhal he sent men to Alan's house in order to use the man's family against him. He didn't have to as his men found Alan there. Tychus didn't even show up to Alan's hanging.

It is unknown what Tychus did for the empire after the Task Force's death.


After coming into power Valerian assured Tychus that he would not be part of the purge (Valerian had been killing all of his father's higher-ups). He assured him that he would be moved up to head of Shadow Ops.

When Tychus was waiting to go over the details with Valerian, Valerian came in and informed Tychus that his services would not longer be required. He then instructed him to meet his replacement, and with that Valerian left the room. Nero, who had been invisible, then revealed himself and killed a groveling Tychus. The last thing Tychus ever did was cry - it was the first and only time anyone ever saw him do it.

Tychus' fatal mistake was being responsible for Mana's death. That was something Valerian would not, and could not forgive.