Valerian and his wife Mana are of different races that can't procreate together. Mana greatly desired a child and one day Valerian decided that he would make her dream come true. He, at a price that must of been hefty, had the greatest known wizard in the world craft for him a ring that could grant a single wish. Together Valerian and Mana wished they could conceive a child. The ring worked and soon after Hope was conceived.

Second Use

Valerian wore the now non-magical ring after it's use, as it was still very attractive, well crafted, and valuable, and of course had sentimental value. When he was dying, he channeled his entire life force into the ring charging it with another charge. Hope used the ring, at her father's directions, to make another wish, "I wish I had the chance to stop this from ever happening." The ring sent her far into the world's grim future, into Kadesh.

Ring's Plan

In order to accommodate Hope's very big wish, the ring had to get creative. It was not powerful enough to give her what she wanted in a straight-forward manner. Instead it gave her the opportunity to go back in time to do it herself. Going back in time is a impossibility, and has only ever been accomplished through eldritch means. So it brought her to a place where people were going to try and go back in time so that she might catch a ride with them back to her world before what she wanted to change happened so that she might do so.

The people of Kadesh were going to try to go back in time (as well as traverse dimensions), their destination being Hope's world in her past. However they were going to be stopped by, Lanris and Victor (among others).

Hope's arrival started a chain of events that would eventually lead to Lanris and Victor failing to stop the people of Kadesh. This would cause Kadesh to invade the Homeworld setting the world on a new timeline, preventing the events Hope wanted to from ever occurring and thus fulfilling the wish. By preventing the events Hope wished against, it would instead cause something arguable worse, if not equivalent. The ring doesn't care, it's not even trying to monkey's paw it, it's trying to fulfill the wish to the best of it's ability without any moral quandaries.

Her choices affected how it was accomplished, the ring obviously had a way it tried to make it happen, but the two-fold nature of the wish allowed her to affect the outcome.

  • The wish affected it's limited power to try and fulfill an enormous wish
  • The nature of the stated wish was to give her a 'chance' and thus choice.